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    Quote Originally Posted by ToolkiT
    I dont care who does what, I care about what is done..
    Besides that is besides the point I was making.. he is constantly generalizing.. which only makes his point weaker IMHO..
    Liberals claim greater tolerance and compassion - they make the generalization, not I.

    The point I'm making (which seems to have gone completely over your head, though not 1911's) is that this claim is bull as evidenced not only by the referrenced blog but also by the utter lack of condemnation by those who'd trample each other to first reach a microphone were it a conservative blog.

    It would be pretty hard to have a political debate without some generalizations - I'm sorry you find them boring.
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    Well I, as what you would no doubt call a liberal, don't bother 'trampling' over this because I, unlike you, don't consider this blogger to be my personal mouthpiece. He/she is a person, with an opinion, and has a right to say whatever the hell he/she wants. If I don't agree with it, I just move on to something more my style. Just as Tucker Carlson can wear that ridiculous bowtie and call himself a newsman, the conservatives can either nod their heads in agreement or change the channel to someone with something intelligent to say.

    I prefer discussions between 'you and I' or 'he and she' - rarely do I find conversations between 'red and blue' or 'liberal and conservative' very interesting at all. Mostly a lot of gums flapping and flames lapping.
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