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    My fraternity brother is a captain in the army in Tikrit right now. I plan on sending him some items (NC State newsletter, Local newspaper, beef jerky, books, etc..). I was hoping to get an idea for another item or two to send him. What would you want if you were out there?

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    Have you asked him what he needs/wants? Most of the locations have an exchange (department type store) to purchase a variety of items. The best thing would be to find out what is not available at his location. Local/college papers are nice. My last tour we could not find gloves so they were a hot item to get. Could be a favorite snack food that is not available that he would appreciate, but ask him.
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    A filthy skin mag is always good.
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    Yeah, I asked him already and he directly didn't respond. He did in the same email give me his I don't think he will "ask" for anything, but would be happy with a suprise. He actually did mention porn though! lol.
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    To come home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daThomas
    To come home.
    Really, he told you that? I still have not talked to many troops who felt that they should be home before they finish the job they volunteered to do. The ones I talk to are proud of the job they accomplished while deployed and do not have any qualms about returning as needed.

    RicoM, pass on to your friend a huge THANK YOU from me for serving his country.
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    Prepaid Phone Cards
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim
    Prepaid Phone Cards
    Make sure they are valid for dialing out of the country he is in. Most are for dialing out of the states only. If you have access to a military base the exchange sells prepaid cards that are valid to dial out or Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi, Turkey etc.
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    Wet Ones.
    Phone Cards
    Recent Newspaper
    Recent Pix of friends
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    If it gets close to Christmas time, I would suggest a tiny Christmas tree with ornaments so he and his friends can decorate. It may sound stupid, but holiday time can be hard for the soldiers.
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    Treo 650

    Gatorade (the powder mix type).
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    I am deployed right now, and many of the things mentioned already are good ideas. I got a can of silly string in my last care package ?!?!? Gonna give it to one of my younger troops, I really don't have any use for it.

    Some suggestions, but they may or not help your buddy out.

    - A light bulb plug adapter (most tents have a lightbulb, but not many have outlets, you plug one of these in, screw your lightbulb back in and now you can plug in your boom box or recharge your ipod, whatever)

    - Small bathmat, for by your cot (nothing worse then getting out of your cot to put your feet into the dirt, or vice versa)

    - Screw in coat hooks (to hang stuff, duh)

    - Favorite Mix CD's or MP3 Mix (AFN gets old)

    - TV Shows/Movies on CD, DVD or whatever medium is workable for the guy. DVD movies are available through MWR some places (at least at my location) but TV shows are almost impossible to find except for older seasons on DVD.

    - Cup O Soup

    And here are some thoughts to add. If they smoke, send thier favorite smokes, some brands are hard to get or impossible even. If they like a particular niche smoke, like a cigar or cloves they will love you for a pack.

    If they dip, same thing.

    Food items like Candy or snacks are great if the person likes the particular item, otherwise they get traded or given away quickly, someone always like what you bust out of that box from home.

    The Standards are always welcome,

    Powdered Drink Mix
    Beef Jerky
    Wet Wipes
    Pepto (chewables)

    Pictures from home, magazines (smut is good, but can get you in trouble [if you get caught] some places depending on the situation...I'd like some myself, got any??)

    Too bad he wouldn't tell you some things, sometimes even the staples are hard to come by..

    Disposable Razors/cartridges

    Earbud Headphones (they break too easily)
    Film if he uses a film camera
    memory cards for PSP, PDA, Digital Camera, MP3 Player
    Playstation, GameBoy, PS2, XBox, Games depending one what they have (you would be amazed at some of the game setups some of the tents in my tent city have....)

    Oh well, there are some ideas, by best to your friend...

    Only three months more to go on my second tour!!!!
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