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    I'm looking to finally get a decent solution to DVR - decent meaning I can get the video onto my PC and Treo and I don't have to pay a ridiculous subscription fee just to record video. I understand the convenience argument for TiVo - I'll pass on that and the monthly fee if I can program a recorder like I do my VCR. But that's not the point of this thread.

    Would a dual DVD reader/DVD RW recorder connected to my TV get the job done?

    Will I be able to re-record over the DVD after I transfer it to my PC, so I don't have to buy 100s of DVDs?

    Will I be able to make copies of data DVDs using this setup (have it replace a DVD burner connected to my PC)?

    Is there any other solution for recording digital video that doesn't involve a subscription, and doesn't involve paying $500 for an Archos-like setup?
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    Ever thought of turning your PC into a PVR? I use Snapstream and it rocks.
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    I was using BeyondTV to record with my PC and PrisimIQ to view pc video on my television. I would convert T.V. recordings on my pc to be viewed on my Treo with Kinoma Producer.

    Beyond TV starting acting buggy after a new release and to be honest, you need a beefu proc and big hard drive to do better quality recordings and/or watch live TV.

    It was at this point I drank the Tivo kool-aid. I, like you, was resisting yet another small monthly fee (those things add up!) but my GF has a Tivo and the more I got to play with it the more I decided it was the least pain in the a$$ answer, and watching tv should not be a pain in the a$$.

    I now transfer .Tivo recordings I want to backup and/or view on my Treo to my pc with their TivoToGo app, run it through a quick little program which makes them more "useful" then convert down to Treo (1meg/min) size with Kinoma producer. Could Tivo/TivoToGo be less step-wise? Yes, but it works.

    If you have a wireless-G network or plan on cat-5 file transfer is fairly fast (on older B it takes a while).

    The Tivo DVR can't be beat in my opinion. I'm glad i drank the kool-aid. Besides, by the time I get fed up with the Tivo subscription I'll be out of warranty and start applying all those kewl Tivo hacks.
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    I think the Tivo Series 2 and the Media option is the only way to go. Then add a Slingbox and you have Nirvana. But then who has that much time to watch TV???
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    1. Time warner cable offers a dvr, if u already a member it will only cost a couple of bucks more.

    2. beyond tv. if u dont have a tv tuner, $200 to get it up and running.

    3. the dvd recorder, will probably cost u more than $200. the recorded should have the ability to erase and re-use dvd-rw disks. it creates a dvd disk, so you will need to rip it using dvd decrypter or smart ripper, etc.

    I recorded a show with the pvr, which I then burned to dvd using my dvd recorder. Then ripped it to my hard drive and made a copy of that to another dvd.

    when I use beyond tv, i dont intend to archive the show. i record it at a low setting and then kinoma it.
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    forgive me -- but you guys are all nuts !!

    the cheapest easiest, minimum hardware, no monthly subscription solution is to buy a All-IN-WONDER Tuner/Video card from ATI. On Ebay you can buy a decent one for between $50-100.

    ATI provides basic but excellent DVR software for turning your PC into a DVR. The software includes most everything you'll need -- you can record directly to a format that the Treo can read -- or it includes software to convert to & between MPEG2 & MPEG4 etc. (TCPMP reads MPEG4 for instance)

    I use a basic video editing program (Pinnacle's Studio 9: $50) to compress the file sizes (w/DiVX for example) or change the bit rate and resolution to one more apropriate to the Treo.

    A 1500Mhz XP box with a decent hard drive would be more than enough.

    If you can afford a bit more, you can get a 3500Mhz MCE (Media Center Edition) box for around $650 -- then you'll need to buy a compatible tuner ($50).

    MCE has a VERY capable NO Fee TIVO-like TV guide programming interface. It will automatically record every instance of the Simpsons if you like.

    ATI has a powerful scheduler as well -- but I preferred to use it to manually program events in advance similar to how a VCR is programmed.

    I have used PCs as DVRs for years. No Computer science degree required.
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    i used the all in wonder software, i moved to snapstream because of it. :-)
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    if you get the hdvr2 recievers and network them to your pc you can transfer recorded shows to any tv in the house and also watch it on your pc.
    Series 2 recievers, or any reciever that has 10 at the end of it won't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    But then who has that much time to watch TV???

    This is exactly why I won't pay a monthly fee. I'd like to record maybe 3-4 shows a week to watch on my Treo whenever I have time. I currently do this with my VCR but of course those recordings never make it onto my Treo.

    I'll look into some of the great free suggestions suggested in this thread, but I'm almost tempted to wait until we get EV-DV a couple of years down the road (need simultaneous voice/data for my purposes) and see how TV content develops over broadband.
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    if it is only for 2-3 shows, try bit torrent.

    u will hdtv avi with the comercial already cut.
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