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    I had a crazy idea even before Innogear announced their InnoDrive Memory Stick which uses Sony proprietery Memory Sticks as removable storage for the Visor. It's nearly the same, but with a twist.... Why not make an entire IBM Microdrive as a standalone drive in a single springboard module? You get a whopping 340MB! Currently the highest capacity for Memory Stick is 64MB or maybe 128MB? They don't come cheap either, about $60+ for a 32MB Memory Stick. Come on, with the IBM Microdrive, price per MB is so much lower! But have anybody heard of any initiative to bring an IBM 340MB Microdrive Springboard module to the market???
    Kok Siong Lee
    School Of Mechanical Engineering
    Purdue University
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    i could be wrong but i was under the impression that the mircrodrive was an actual drive. like, a spinning disc. whereas the memory stick has no moving parts. i'm assuming the microdrive would draw on the battery too much.

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    Iomega's ClikDrive comes to mind...
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