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    For some reason lately I have noticed when I open a web page on my Windows XP home edition emachine the page displays old content and I have to hit refreash.

    I checked everything in internet setings and didnt find a setting to DL new pages.

    Ant ideas?
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    Using Internet Exploder, I assume?

    Tools, Internet Options, General, Temporary Internet Files, Settings, Every Visit....should do the trick.
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    Thanks, I'll check that out tomarro. I appreciate it
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    Same thing has been happening to me for about a month, on all three PC's I use to access the site. I was already using those settings suggested.
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    Sometimes if you delete all the temporary internet files, stuff like that stop happening


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    I choose the option now to check for new versions of a page on every visit, thanks jo.

    It was pretty wierd. The page said 4 replies but when I opened it there were no replies. I had no idea IE stored pages. I wonder how long IE had been pulling the switcheroo on me.

    Some of my setting have been quirky lately since I did a restore from a checkpoint after trying to get Windows movie maker to copy from an analog JVC.

    Honestly if it were all Palm it would be slick as ehhhhh,,,,,, dunno



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