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    Moses may have mentioned the 24 hr day, I dont know. But as the author of Genensis (really?) the he would put what God told him in human terms so that those that read it could relate. God may have said day but it may hav have different meaning to him than it did to Moses.

    Fact is we dont know for sure. Shopahrim's chair story is a perfect analogy of this. We don't know if Moses was recording the age of the chair as from the time the tree was planted or from when it was cut down.

    The other thing I find humorous is so many folks are willing to accept the bible as perfect fact. Inspired by God or not humans rarely get anything even close to perfect the first time. Why would the bible be any different?

    Also why would God have provided us with all this evidence suggesting evolution has occured?
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeReaction
    Moses is the one who wrote the book of Genesis, so he would understand if it was a 24 hr day or an unkown period of time.

    Genesis 1:4-5 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light day, and the darkness He called night. So the evening and the morning were the first day.

    The evening and the morning would make up a 24 hour period.

    Moses talks about it being a 24 hour day
    To reiterate what Woof said, Moses may have "written" Genesis (which he did not, he told the stories, but didn't write the Bible), but these are not his stories and simply retold what was told to him.

    The thought that Moses would understand the concept of a 24 hour day is ludicrous as well, since no such concept existed. Moses did not talk about it being a 24 hour day, that was an invention long after he died.

    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeReaction
    Lastly, the Jews didn't use the Gregorian calander. They used the Jewish calander. You'll have to look it up if you want to know the differences, because I'm not going to spend the time explaining it. Time to get down from the
    Thanks for proving my point. I am fully aware that the Jews (and those before the Jews, since they were far from the first to measure time on this planet) didn't use the Gregorian calendar, that was the point. Time is relative to where in the universe, and when (as in elapsed time) you are. The Jewish calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar which is different from the Chinese calendar. Thanks for the offer, but I don't need you to explain the differences. Then again, I'm not naive enough to think that a Creator with no beginning or end measures His life by the Jewish calendar either.
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