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    IT SEEMS UNLIKELY that many of the so-called peace marchers who trooped through Washington and London two weekends back listened on Thursday at least not with an open mind or sympathy to George Bush's cogent explanation of why coalition troops are fighting and dying in Iraq.

    You did not see in those demonstrations, after all, many banners reading, "Support Iraq's New Constitution," "No to Jihad" or "Stop Suicide Bombers." The crimes committed daily against the Iraqi people by other Arabs who wish to re-enslave them seem to be of little interest to Michael Moore, Jane Fonda and their followers. Rage against the daily assaults on children, women, anyone, by Islamo-fascists and ordinary national fascists is not fashionable. Only alleged American crimes are cool to decry.

    LA Times...registration required. Amazing they would publish this...their subscriptions must have really plummeted.
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    Typo in the title. Check twice, post once.

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