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    "Five weeks after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to New Orleans, some local, state and federal officials have come to believe that exaggerations of mayhem by officials and rumors repeated uncritically in the news media helped slow the response to the disaster and tarnish the image of many of its victims."
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    Brown says White House wanted him to lie

    WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- The ousted head of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency says the White House wanted him to lie about the response to Hurricane Katrina.

    Former Director Michael Brown told ABC News` 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos' Sunday he stood by comments in a Playboy interview, and President Bush wanted him to take the heat for the bungling.

    'The lie was that we were ready and that everything was working as a team. Behind the scenes, it wasn`t working at all,' Brown said. 'There were political considerations going into all the discussions. There was the fact that New Orleans did not evacuate and the mayor (Ray Nagin) had no plan.'

    Brown said it was natural to 'want to put the spin on that things are working the way they`re supposed to do. And behind the scenes, they`re not. Again, my biggest mistake was just not leveling with the American public and saying, `Folks, this isn`t working.`'

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    A year later, it's interesting.

    Hobbes said it best - when a problems happens, support start local, then states, then feds.

    Lessons learned:

    - FEMA is an ATM, capable of giving areas in trouble $$$. That's basically it (yes, there are some coordination resources, but the main thing is $$$ to buy resources). There is no army of people waiting to address diasaster.

    - If you fail to execute your local disaster response plan properly, you are effed. Nagin didn't do it right, and blubbered like a baby on the radio. Not the leadership that was needed.

    - When it is clear the local plan failed, immediately get help. Blanco's should've given control to Feds immediately when it was clear (day 1) that they had a problem. But she waited, basically over ego/image/control, and it cost lives.

    The police force in NO is a pathetic joke and an embarrassment. They abondoned their citizens. Judging from their captain/chief, it makes sense.

    I actually think Blanco bears the most responsibility. She had the time, resources, and information, and yet she waited and made bad decisions.)
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