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    I'm not quite sure about the laws in NH, but I think exterior lighting is illegal ONLY if they are the same color as an emergency vehicle (e.g. red or blue). I can't find a written law anywhere on a .gov or domain. If I were to put a green underbody glow and green accent LEDs over the wheels, would it be legal? Could someone point me to a law source? Thanks.

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    heheh sorry couldnt resist..from what i have seen about lighting on cars...vehicles (passenger vehicles) may only have white yellow and red lights on the exterior of the car..
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    LOL, thanks for the heads up, I was gonna drive down to the White Mountains this coming Sat. !! Thanks for the reply though, I think I may just call the local PD and see what they have to say, there really aren't any websites with written documentation, there might be a hard copy somewhere...thanks again.

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    It worth checking out before hand as in the state of WA where I live it is illegal to have underglow lights and anything else that can be considered distracting to other drivers.

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