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    Hey - it was the story that made it great - the simplicty - the use of the map - and the hand book - it was a total package game - with out the graphics or pumped up user interface. It was Glorious!!!

    I have the Gold addition on my desk - hope to play it soon
    da Gimp

    Please note: My spelling sucks and I'm to lazy to check it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cap'nHook
    Arrgh, B-lad.

    It looks like we be havin' somethin' in common. You be da Gimp and I be da Hook

    Avast, B-lad you should be lookin' for the win/win and to build synergy and be throwin' that negativity overboard.

    The last land lubber with them thoughts be swabin' the decks, dustin' the yardarms, sharpenin' the saws and chasin' the bilge rats 'cause he didn't seek first to understand.

    Ya just gotta be proactive, put first things first and begin with the end in mind.

    An old scalliwag seadog like me just might have some musings to lighten up the port leaning members here (as opposed to starboard leaning).

    BTW - With thanks to that old hornswagglin' pirate with all them habits, Franklin himself.

    in respectful memory of the late Capt'n Hook --

    today is talk like a Pirate day (really!!)

    ya went down a fightin', with your colors unstruck. Them dastardlly righties finally caught and killed ya -- but someday they will be a gettin' theirs

    Aye, me Matey -- may ya rest in peace.
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