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    This thread is thought of as a Barometer of public mood. Be it discotent, elation, quelled, content you have it. Please post your sentiments. I am on the Treo right now but I will give my thoughts and a bit more later. Was that a run ON sentence. Well none the less I am sitting here at the Z-Trip show and he has a political message similar to R.I.T.M. (Rabbit In The Monn). As I go to more shows I notice something, more shows that are about music, are more and more about Pol. Politics become more of an emotion at this level. Co-Op? Easy. People are fluenced one direction or another by what they hear, read? Maybe. Ithink we should gauge public opin. just to see where we stand. Cause ultimatly this is what matters, The Public. So here is this thread we keep our proverbial finger on the pulse. not saying we are right to measure but it would be good to hear some real world opinion.
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    Just plain tired of the complaining and politics in general. Seems more and more no more vision or uplifting point of view.

    More people think about themselves, either as victims or I deserve more than the other person.
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    Screw the ego... I want to be part of a solution. I am sometimes discontent with society's views/actions but theres no reason I should let it bring me there. I'm keeping my chin up, my mind open, and my heart pure.
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    You the man! You were either way buzzed or stymied by the Treo. That was a hairy post, but I still felt your message.

    Our country is split almost right down the middle. It doesn't feel like united we stand, but rather, divided we fall. Keep fighting the good fight brother.
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    And what are Z-Trip and R.I.T.M. about? Off to google.
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    The public's general self-involvement is deteriorating this country. It is apparent in all facets of daily life. The "all about me" mentality will be this country's achilles heel.
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
    - Albert Einstein
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    Yes, but those of us who see that mentality from the outside are too resilient to let it be our nations downfall.

    I love our country; every time I think about the opportunities and freedoms we have here, I fall deeper in love with it. There are simply too many good things about our country, we just tend to take them for granted thanks to the ego and daily life. Thus, I look past the ignoramuses, the narrow minded, the bitter, and the wrongs that they do. There are far greater things to focus on and a plethora to be thankful for.
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    Nicely said. I agree with you, however the problem is the ignoramuses far outnumber the rest of us....and they are rewarded for their ignorance and self-indulgence. People in this country (yes, this is a generalization) feel that the government has to do everything for them, including protect them from themselves (their own stupidity). We're overpopulating this country with generations of ignorance. Until people start to take some responsibility, our beautiful country is at risk.

    I'm not looking to start a political or religious debate here (this place, and most other online forums, are littered enough with those) but I really think Darwin was on to something...

    What's the solution? There are several I'm sure, but the easiest and most obvious to me is to get rid of unnecessary warning labels. Hot coffee got it's name for a reason, if you can't figure that out for yourself, you deserve to get burned. Don't use a hairdryer in the you really need to be told that one???

    OK, i'm done rambling now, you get my point.
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
    - Albert Einstein

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