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    Ok, let me just begin to say I am a very poor college student who absolutely has a PASSION for cellphones. I have had my eye on the Palm Treo 650 for a long time and have been saving my pennies to buy one. I finally saved enough $$ in march and bought one full price from the palm website @ $550.

    I have had it for a few months now and love the phone. Ok so my horrible nightmare starts today when me and my girlfriend go out to Riverhead, Long Island to the Tanger Outlets to go shopping. We walk into Timberland. I try on a pair or boots, but my treo in its pouch clipped to my belt was bothering me as I bent over to tie the laces. So I take the pouch off my hip and place it on the bench next to me. The shoes fit so I head for the cashier and buy it. Walk out the store and a few seconds later, realize the phone isnt on my hip. I sprint back to the store to the bench and realize its GONE!! I go crazy. I start asking everyone and telling workers there that I lost my phone. No one has seen it. So I call 911 and get the cops over there. Before the cops get there I realize that this one manager looks suspicious. He is whispering to the other works in the corner and eyeing me, etc. So I start to suspect him. Before the police get there, I realize there is a camera right above the bench I left the phone on so i mention it to my girlfriend. The guy overhears me and tells me that the particular camera is not working and there isnt a nearby camera facing the bench! (BS!!!) So the police get there file a report and thats it! I tell him about the camera and that I suspect the manager but he says he cant do anything! So I call the Timberland Loss Prevention department and talk to the super and he tells me to call the cop back up and tell him he has the right the view the tapes. So he comes back and says he can only check the tape at 9PM (closing) and he would call me back tonight. He hasnt called back!!! I'm getting nervous, my poor treo is gone.

    Ok well I dont have insurance on the phone because Lockline refuses to insure it, so I do not know what to do!! What are my options here? Can ANYONE help me out!?
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    BTW, it was a cingular treo, unlocked by cingular. I have a backup Nokia to use temporarily but I dont have my SIM. What do I do in the meantime
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    I'm sorry to say think you did all you can do.

    The best you can do is start saving for a new one.
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    I think im going to cry now
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    Sorry to hear you lost your phone...I dunno, just an idea. Did you call your phone to see if the crook answers it. If they do, ask them if they would be kind enough to return it to you. Maybe throw in a little reward if you can afford it. Maybe tell them you need it for school and can't afford to buy another one.

    Follow up on viewing the video tape if the suspected manager hasn't erased it already. Go back to the store with a borrowed cell and call your phone number. If your phone rings while you are there, you got your thief. Then his A S S is yours. Check with your carrier to see if they can put a trace on the ESN to see if it has been reactivated by the thief to another or to the same carrier you have. If it has been reactivated, maybe you can get a name and address of the person, and follow up with the police.

    Get creative....

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    See if you can contact the Better Business Bureau. They may be able to help. Your school may also have an office that provides legal advice.

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    I would have used store phone to immediately call my treo within minutes of realizing it was gone. the manager ringing would have been very telling. i'd stakeout the store and get a pic of the guy w/treo if you can. if u c him w/one have a friend ask to look and see if they can get the ser or esn. you get that take you proof of esn and the cops back and get the pos arrested.
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    go back to the store and pulll a "Jasper Rine" on the suspected Manager/Employees -
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    My girlfriend was with me and we called the cellphone a ridiculous amount of times when we were there. The phone either had its silence switch on or the culprit turned the ringer off by then. I will call the Riverhead police to see what happened tonight when the officer went back there. I am so mad, I keep replaying the moment over and over in my head wondering what would have happened if I did this or that different. Its driving me crazy!!! My treo was literally my prized possession. Who would do such a horrible thing!

    What makes me so mad is that I believe what goes around comes around. Just two hours after losing my phone, I was in Old Navy and found someones car key on a cool little keychain on the floor. I immediatly reported it lost to an employee. It just makes me so mad when you treat others the way you want to be treated, just to be screwed later!
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    any updates?
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    My treo rides safely in my treo pocket...I'm really good @ losing my sun glasses though...
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    That sucks. I would die if I lost mine.
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    Poor kid, I am in the same position a broke *** college student, with not an extra penny to spare. Let us know how it turns out.
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    A sad tale. Hope it turns up. Keep us posted

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    Don't phones have tracking on them to locate the phones..I know my sanyo MM 5600 hundred had u can locate the phone.
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    All the cellular companies have ways to check your account online. Go there and check the phones records. If he decides to use it he will probably be dumb and call his family and friends.
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    Well, it's a bit late to offer this, but on your next expensive phone you might put on a 'Stuffbak' tag. You register the tag and if your phone is found it has a better chance of being returned to you.

    Sorry to hear you lost your Treo though!

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    just got the call back from the officer and he told me that the footage is very bad. he said he could make me out sitting on the table at some point but the footage keeps flashing between 7 cameras and its very blurry. he said he cannot even make out anything on the bench if there was something there and he cant make out anyone grabbing the phone either. for some reason i think the manager tampered with the footage but i dunno im going to cry now
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    I feel soooo bad for you, if i lost my treo i would kill myself. I hope you find it.
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    It's not like you lost your first born child. It's a phone. Aren't we overdoing this just a little bit? There are worse things in life..... I hope you get it back, but I wouldn't count on it.

    And when I was a poor college student, I had a free Nokia. Not a $550 phone....
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