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    I sold my Cingular branded 650 earlier this year and opted for a Moto Razr

    I just bought an unlocked 650 on ebay for $500, a 2gb sd card from newegg and the hbh-662 from dan's cellular. I can't wait, I feel like I'm being re-united with a long lost friend.

    I think I'll keep the razr and swap the sim out when I need to carry something light.
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    Welcome Back!
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    Welcome Back!!
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    I just couldn't do without my T650. . .

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    Happens to quite a few of us .
    Now you will love your treo more.
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    Fell for the "grass is greener" bit. Nothing we all haven't fell for in the past. Re-enjoy.
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    I *almost* went from Sprint to Verizon for the Moto E815. My gf has one and I will say it's a great phone.

    Whew am I glad I didn't make the switch. I didn't realize how much I depend on my Treo.
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    what's so great about the e815? just a supersized v710, no? its not a smartphone, just a regular phone. boo. if I just wanted a phone that can make/receive calls I could do better than that
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    Yea welcome back!

    A friend of mine with the Moto Razr and I were comparing our devices the other day. I was showing him how the T650 can play Internet Radio broadcasts, browse the web, e-mail and has a full PDA. (I didn't even get into the full advantages of the Palm OS, I didn't want to make him feel embarrassed too much .) After going over the advantages of the T650 we looked at his Moto Razr and agreed "yea it's thin" .

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