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    PRE_RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2001

    Program Product Announcement



    Highlights for WIN/VU

    Because so many users have asked for an operating system of even greater capability than Windows 2000, Microsoft announces the Windows Virtual Universe Operating System Ė WIN/VU.

    Running under WIN/VU, the individual user appears to have not merely a machine of their own, but an entire universe of their own, in which they can set up and take down their own programs, datasets, system networks, personnel, and planetary systems. Users need only specify the universe they desire, and the WIN/VU system generation program (MSGOD) does the rest. This program will reside in MSGODLIB.SYS. The minimum time for this function is 6 days of activity and 1 day of review.

    In conjunction with WIN/VU, all system utilities have been replaced by one program, MSPROPHET, which will reside in MSMESSIAH.SYS. This program has no parms or need for a registry as it knows what you want to do when it is executed.

    Naturally, the user must have attained a certain degree of sophistication in the data processing field if an efficient utilization of WIN/VU is to be achieved. Frequent calls to nonresident galaxies, for instance, can lead to unexpected delays in the execution of a program.

    Although Microsoft, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, The United States, is working on a program to upgrade the speed of light and thus reduce the overhead of extraterrestrial and metadimensional paging, users must be careful for the present to stay within the laws of physics. Microsoft must charge an additional fee for violations.

    Hardware Configuration:

    WIN/VU will run on any Intel compatible system equipped with Extended WARP feature.

    Planned Availability:

    18 BLEAMS.

    Monthly charge:

    Rental is twenty million dollars per CPU nanosecond. All major credit cards accepted excepting Diners Club.

    Testing Period:

    Unlimited testing allowance for WIN/VU is available to residents of Alpha Centauri (allow 68 years cryogenic travel time).

    Distribution medium:

    13 CDís or 1 reverse bit twitched DVD Disc.


    Users should be aware the Microsoft plans to migrate all existing systems and hardware to WIN/VU as soon as Intel engineers effect one output that is (conceptually) error free. This will give us a base to develop an even more powerful operating system, target date 2005, designated "Virtual Reality". WIN/VR is planned to enable the user to migrate to totally unreal universes. To aid the user in identifying the difference between "Virtual Reality" and "Real Reality", a file containing a linear arrangement of multisensory total records of successive moments of now will be established. Itís name will be MSSYS1.est.

    Marketing support:

    Nationwide support of WIN/VU will be provided by the Specialist Unit of the Redmond Region 4 Market Support Center.
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    Did you think this up all by yourself?

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    Not all of it. Original was passed around the office from my mainframe days circa mid 70's (author unknown). Just substituted Microsoft for IBM and made changes relavent to today.
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    Good One. Some people have too much free time on their hands
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    Not reality.
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    God bless the USA! The country I love, and will support at all costs.
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    I'm assuming that all remnants of DOS will be gone with this version from MS?
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    And when I think of a 2d or 3d function plot, my word processor (in my case, AppleWorks PC) would provide the proper equation nicely formatted with proofs worked out?

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