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    Another sad case of not practising what you preach

    Quote Originally Posted by skillllllz
    Just living up to my word

    Here you go, one derogatory word, completely undirected towards you:


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    Well behaved women rarely make history
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    Quote Originally Posted by skillllllz
    Note: Some of you will not take this post seriously, some of you will not care, most of you will just skip this cause it looks too damn long or relevant, and some of you will suddenly have the urge to inform me that I have now offended you in some way. You are exactly who needs to understand this:

    Jewel most likely wasn't offended by the bimbo statement because (s)he is not who is seen in the photo.

    I personally felt that the bimbo comment was very inappropriate and totally unnecessary. Face it, some people have a real sore spot for certain words. Commonly, derogatory words.

    One might argue that they are merely just words, or that there's no depth behind the use of certain words in a given context. One might also argue that being sore about a certain word is the sore person's issue and that they need to get over it. All other views aside the real issue here is insensitivity.

    The truth is, people have feelings attached to many different things in the external world. Some things are obvious, some are not. Some are words, some are not. But by publicly using derogatory words like "bimbo", you are prodding people around you with an invisible stick. Eventually someone sensitive is going to react to you. And who's fault is that? What invited the conflict? ...Their normal human sensitivity or your lack thereof?

    In addition, think about what you may have possibly done by casually using derogatory words in public? Think about how you've used these words amongst others, whom may have not used them so casually before and are not offended by them, or are just plain ignorant (ie: children and young adults). How might this have affected their perceptions of each word's social acceptability? Think about this all for a moment and understand how you might just be influencing others. Then ask yourself "why?"

    On top of this you've still offended at lease one individual and you can't take back the cruddy feelings you have now triggered. That person's feelings are as valid as your's and those you cherish. So again ask yourself "why?". Where's your logic?
    I'm offended by cartoons. I don't like that they teach our children that it's okay to jump off tall bridges or run in traffic, because miraculously they'll be put back together again.

    Can you change your avatar, please?


    P.S. I oft find things posted that certainly cause offense to many and thus take care in my word choice - everyone reacts differently and many will even lie about not being offended in fear they'll be laughed at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlaskanDad
    Appropriate viewing for this thread (I'm sure many of you have seen this Red vs. Blue episode on Real Life vs. the Internet):

    Cr@p,,,,, everyones asleep and I cant turn up the volume on this one,,,is there a captioned version???

    Wow things got really hot in hear ,,,,,,,,

    I think everyones made their points com'er you guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillig35
    nowhere is this word referred to as vulgar or obscene or inflammatory or an epithet. yes it is derogatory - but so are words like dumb, stupid, vacuous, naive....would "dumb blonde" be any less offensive if it wasn't directed at you?
    get a grip folks!

    Well, I do have to say that I don't tolerate anyone calling me "stupid." My hubby's learned after spending many a night alone that stupid is not a legitimate pet name for someone you care about. It's actually become a word many use to "control" someone by convincing that someone that he/she cannot get by on their own.

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    Enough. Thread closed.
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