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    I'm heading to New York City in about a month and was wondering where the best bets are to pickup bootleg and import cd's, dvd's etc. A friend of mine brought home from China a "boxed set" of Simpsons dvd's that was totally complete. That's the type of stuff I'm looking for. I'm assuming Chinatown, Canal Street to be exact, but does anyone have any more specific info? I will be on canal street as it is since my wife will be loading up on purses and shoes, so I would love to be able to spend a bit of that time geeking out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Dont forget to load up on bootleg Cds and DVDs
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    you def posted this on the correct forum, you know all these Treo owners who paid $300-$600 for their Treos, they are obviously all about gettin things cheap or bootlegged lol
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    I paid $500 for my Treo. I still like to find things that I'm unable to find out in Bum****, Wa, and I'm sure there are plenty of others that do as well.
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    Why go all the way to NY? Just go here .
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    Bunch of Stores on 8th Street east of 6th avenue. Revolver Records used to be there and I think it still is. Just walk east on 8th st. from 6th avenue and you will see import CD shops plus a whole lot more

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