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    We went to China for an 11 day trip to see the sights. I put our complete itinerary into it, and kept track of the trip. The world time feature showed me the proper Beijing time, and also kept track of the time back home. No cell phone service though. I kept it in the same belt mounted pouch with a velcro closure. (Big mistake). We visited the Summer Palace on a hot humid day with gigantic crowds of people all packed together. I remember looking at the TREO on the bus before we arrived. I took lots of pictures and drank lots of water and battled the crowds for a few hours, and when we finally got back on the bus, the TREO was gone. I looked everywhere, and reported it to the tour operator, but to no avail. It was password protected, but that wouldn't stop a determined chinese techie. I was at a complete loss to do anything more in China. As the old song goes, you never know what you've got 'till it's gone, sigh. I just retired, so I guess I will wait a while to see if the price drops a bit. I don't think I can wait long enough for the possible new model.
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    sorry to hear that bro i feel your pain

    my treo has a cracked screen and non functioning touch screen - i recently dropped it AGAIN today and the antenna popped off (still fits back -sorta). Did not know someone was actually having a worse day than me. Look on the brightside, you might actually find time for other things the treo made you forget - like sunshine *crawls back in to the darkness* - "my preciouss..."
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    Sorry to hear about your misfortune...I would be miserable if I lost my Treo. My condolences are with you...
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    bummer. I'm amazed that I've not lost or smashed mine yet.

    I was going to ask about the rest of your trip to China -- but then I thought of the story that ends with: " ...but aside from all that, what did you think of the play Mrs. Lincoln ??"
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    that sucks... sorry for your loss...
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    im going on vacation next week, my treo is staying behind.

    main reason is that i dont want to get calls, but not losing it was also a concern.
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    That really sucks, I would go nutz without my 650! My wife would be happy though.....Good Luck on a New One!
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    Sorry bro. I keep my wallet in my front trouser pocket and the Treo in the left. I've never been a fan of belt clips because I worry I'd have to go through an experience like yours.
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    Thanks for all the kind thoughts. I keep hoping it will appear on my doorstep, maild from China. Costco had it for $369.95, but only for new accts. I tried, but the best they would do is $569 - $160 mail-in rebate. The Sprint store told me they would give me the $449. price, which is $599 with a $150. instant rebate. Oh well, I guess I will wait a while.
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    No insurance ???? Dude.. its worth the 5 bucks a month...
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    Sorry to hear about your loss emd. Try checking on eBay and see if you can get it at a cheaper price.
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    Sorry about your loss. I too, carry my Treo in a belt clip. You have now made me even more aware of performing my "check for Treo" pat down whenever I get up from a seat or when I leave a room.

    I have never been in an overly crowed and packed evironment with the belt clip, the Treo may just go in a pocket, if I do.

    I hope it does return or that you can find a replacement reasonably. Do you think it was lost or lifted off your person? If it was lifted, what type of homeoners coverage do you have for such losses?
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    I always keep mine in my front pocket. That's one of the things I like about it. It does an amazing variety of things, and still fits in my pocket.
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