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    I really need this type of computer station, someone please help me out here! i've looked around a little but still no luck, i want a nice computer station for my basement, something like this, but that looks kind of nice/professional, i dont want to just throw down some foldaway tables.. please look and let meknow if you can find anything or where to look. Thanks

    ps. the hard part is finding a desk without so many drawers or anything right where i want to have a second moniter

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    Abe, build one
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    Wow, that is like a diagram of my desk. I got it on base (USAF). I am pretty sure I saw it at one of the Office supers stores too though. Let me take a short look....

    Yup, found it at Office Depot and at the maker site. Comes in two pieces, but it might be smaller then you want looking at your drawing. Of course, I find it quite roomy... I have a printer where you show, a 20.1" panel instead of a 24" and a scanner/workspace where you would have another monitor, so all things being considered I think it is almost the same as you describe.

    Link to manufacturer (comes in 3 pieces):

    Office Depot link: omestic)&Dx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntk=all&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&N=10324&Nty=1&uniqueSearchFlag=tru e&An=text
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    some people hate ikea.. but look at the GALANT workspace series. They have all different sizes you can put together and customize.

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