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    Star Wars in Oz
    May 09, 2005 (it maybe old news, but I just read it today),00.html

    STAR Wars fans can breathe easy. The Force will live beyond next week's release of the final film in the saga, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

    Creator George Lucas has confirmed he will shoot a tie-in TV series - and it will be made in Sydney.
    The writer-director yesterday confirmed speculation about the series, once more praising Sydney - where episodes I and II of the film sensation were shot - as a location.

    "I am looking forward to coming back and working there some more," he told The Daily Telegraph.

    "We're going to do a live action show based on minor characters in the Star Wars series.

    "It's a spin-off, it doesn't involve any of the key characters. It's a different world unto itself between episodes three Revenge of the Sith; and four Star Wars: A New Hope."

    Producer Rick McCallum confirmed the Australian series was "definite as definite can be", although the timing of it was still to be determined.
    "It's a definite that we do it - the rest we haven't discussed on any level," McCallum said.

    "We only finished the film Revenge of the Sith last Tuesday. George is thinking maybe we can do a series somewhere between episode three and four because that's the longest break (in the film series), 20 years.

    "The Death Star takes 20 years to build so we need to work that out."

    McCallum said the move to Australia was mainly due to the Federal Government recently extending its 12.5 per cent refundable tax offset for foreign films to large budget television series.

    The intention was to produce 100 hour-long episodes - that being the number necessary to sell the series into lucrative television syndication.

    McCallum said the series would use Sydney actors, directors and crew.

    Lucas also plans to develop his Clone Wars 3D-animated series further from his new Singapore animation studio and develop a film - The Red Tails - about a group of World War II African American pilots.
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    That sux. Been waiting almost 30 years for it to end, now I got to see it channel surfing!?

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