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Looks like the man shot and killed in London had nothing to do with the bombings...
I truly hope I never experience the baseness and inhumanity of a terrorist attack, nor the pressure of making a split-second (maybe wrong) decision to end a person's life. My heart goes out to all those affected, and I pray for an end to this madness.
I know this is old but and I don't usually wander into the skeary offtopic ranting section but turns out there *may* have been more to this story than was first reported.

To summarize, sensitive documents related to the investigation were leaked and suggest that the guy was not running form police but "walked into Stockwell Tube station, picked up a free newspaper, walked through ticket barriers and had started to run when he saw a train arriving."

Also..."Police also said the Brazilian electrician had worn a large winter-style coat - but the leaked version suggested he had in fact worn a denim jacket.

The leaked version said Mr de Menezes was being restrained by a community officer when he was shot by armed police, our correspondent added. " These are based on interviews with eye witnesses in the subway.