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    Now, look here, Shopharim, you may be thinking,
    "What do I have to lose, she just a ho?"
    But you're also dealing with a born-in-New-Yorker,
    We don't take lightly being squashed by a schmo.

    When we're all done with our round of rhymes,
    You'll be one the ground, rolled up in a ball,
    It will forever be just you and your horn,
    Playing for pennies and tricks at the local Legion hall.

    I fear you be thinking I'm making attacks,
    As a rule it's not of my rep,
    But this is a mission
    Of a true competition,
    So for now, I'm giving you slaps.
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    ooops you missed
    you've been dismissed
    you should be banished from the list
    of invitees to the forum
    your poetry it'll only bore them

    they come to see what I'm posting
    they know the party I'm hosting
    not boasting, but toasting

    another victory!
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    Victory, say you? We're not even through,
    Where do you think you've garnered a prize?
    Surely you're in disguise
    Acting as someone who never lies.
    Because it's easy to surmise,
    Who is worthy of this prize.
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    You're taking too long to type, my friend,
    You better close the office door.
    100+ words a minute I can ramble,
    For you it seems like such a chore.
    And you're punctiation has run right out of the door.
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    And that would definitely be the "schmo"
    clearly everybody knows
    the rhymes are flowin
    so its showing
    that the "ho" has to go

    but you're putting up a fight
    I'll spend a few more minutes tonight
    showing you why you should duck
    before you run out of luck
    and get beat down by a schmuck
    stuck in the muck
    where CP lies to rest
    after falling to the best
    look norht south east or west
    Shopharim passes the test

    had enough?
    or are you tough?
    I've already called your bluff
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    having failed with letters
    with punctuation you do better

    at least you get come consolation
    after this painful confrontation
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    LOL - now THIS is good. I
    've got to say, you are tough.
    But I love a true challenge, and that you are,
    But no, I haven't had nearly enough.

    Tell your lady to a competition you must tend,
    When it's all done she can pretend,
    That you're the best rhymer and wordsmith around
    But we'll all now it's my name abound.

    'Tis not about luck, or a duck as you say,
    I'm the wordsmith of the day,
    An tonight you will, as you lay
    In bed wishing you were in the fray,
    That you had bet me on a different day.
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    Is that consolation second place as a beauty?
    Oh, I digress!
    You're meager little words do nothing short,
    Of make your own self stress.
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    doing this on dial-up almost makes me give my smile up
    but with victory assured, this slow connection I've endured

    you're wordsmith for sure
    but the rhymes are not quite pure

    though you type really fast
    your prose does not really last
    it leaves a bad taste in my mouth
    and fromwhat I can see it's only going south

    there's not shame in losing to me
    that's just the way it will be
    It's like lance
    in France
    the others don't stand a chance
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    im fresh to death, dressed to impress,
    fresh for real playa, dressed to kill,
    im the best fo real, i was blessed wit skills,
    both yall keep bickering, im the king of the hill,
    you two can rhyme each other to death,
    im a be here still, holding down my crown, let you know im real,

    say what you want, say what you will,
    media + a keyboard does not = skill.
    soph, yea your name fits you well,
    you a class below me and your GPA jus fell,

    im done with the talk bout whos the illest,
    who run this ish, lyracist whos the realest,
    cuz to tell you truth, ya bth missed the list.
    Nexus One
    HTC Inspire "4G"
    HP Veer "4G"
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    In this outrageous world, we are all just lacunae,
    The missing puzzle pieces of the grand picture,
    But while I am toning seamless, flowing rhymes,
    You're stand on their own as fixture.

    Come on, you've got to be better than this,
    I thought it would be 10-times harder
    While I'll be declared the queen of the rhyme,
    For real words, you must barter.

    Lance and France? Why do you dance?
    Around things just to make a rhyme?
    This poetry, you see, is to roll off the tongue,
    Not dribble down faces like some kind of slime.
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    Looky here, we got a guy who can sing,
    But doesn't realize you don't enter the ring,
    When two tough ones are boxing, in a title fight.
    Sheesh, you'd think someone would turn on the light,
    And tell him, you don't know a thing.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    sweet both of you at once
    then my work will be done

    and you cry on each other's shoulders
    after having been run over by boulders

    "soph"? a cute play one my name
    but don't try to use me to get fame
    your 15 minutes are kaput
    I suggest you stay put
    up in philly keep on talking bout t.o.
    if you spend any time here it will be over fo sho

    and, to the queen I now address
    yes, you did digress
    but i forgive you
    I'll outlive you
    in this lyrical contest
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    Judging from your statements,
    I could win if I would be really PHAT,
    If I just threw all grammar and thought out the window.
    Hmmm, imagine that.

    I'm a stickler for words and for spelling and grammar,
    And when when put up against you, my words drop the hammer.

    No need to pay attention to the "think he won" CP,
    He surely never got the best of me,
    Nor you, Shopharim, because he did flee,
    When he realized we both knocked him right down to his knees.

    This is about us, and our passion to win,
    And right now on my face is the most awesome grin,
    Because it's become clearer by the post,
    That for rhyming real thoughts, I'm the one with the most.
    The judges will conced as to me, they do toast.
    And for that, I don't have to boast,
    Because you'll be fleeing for the coast.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Though how stupid do I look?
    Seems a little finger crook,
    Causes spelling errors here,
    As I type too fast, yet without fear.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    To the coast I do flee
    for the sand and the sea
    but never to avoid mediasi, see?

    My thoughts are deep, too much depth for present company.
    even in the shallow end you know you've taken too much from me.

    I'm even adding periods to satisfy your sense of grammar.
    I'm Paul Bunyan, you're the babe, give me back my hammer,
    before you hurt yourself.
    Put it back on the top shelf;
    Not where you store the wines, but where I get my lines.

    With punctuation and all, why don't you make the call
    to the bullpen for the lefty
    for this better is to hefty
    for your fast ball or slider;
    outside pitch or insider.
    I hit them all out of the park
    in the daylight or the dark.
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    I saw the conced(e)
    but there was really no need
    to bring that up in your face
    you've already been disgraced.

    you call yourself a new yorker
    stop drinking, put back the cork or
    you will go stumbling home, all alone...with no throne....on your own
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    I'm getting really bored now,
    There's got to be a way somehow,
    For you to realize that you'll never take my game.

    You use words of separation,
    In crystal clear desparation,
    Thinking "grand-poobah" is your name.

    At this point you might as well give up;
    Just throw in the towel.
    While I blast my way through you with a jackhammer,
    You're digging for words with a trowel.

    It won't happen, not tonight,
    We all can tell you're clenching tight,
    Grasping for straws of words in fright,
    That you're rhyming will be too light.
    It's true, your rhymes have taken flight,
    And you're punchiness is slight,
    Not left with too much might,
    Here's your "honorable mention" cookie...
    Go ahead, take a bite.

    Would you like some milk with that?

    Oops, you spilled some, oh drat!
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    i don't know if that was ten rounds
    but you already hear the sounds of applause
    just for me
    I'm the best can't you see
    no matter how fast you type
    still that back side will get wiped

    now take a breath and decide
    if you really want to ride any further with me
    or will you go back to jv
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    yum the cookie was great
    obviously you should just bake desserts.

    Your rhymes are half baked
    or better yet they are fakes

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