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    oh you a bus driver, so is my moms,
    yea she drives bus, and i drop bombs,
    you want a date wit CP,
    i told everyone that media wants me
    Nexus One
    HTC Inspire "4G"
    HP Veer "4G"
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    Here I am, ready and waiting
    your weak rhymes anticipating

    mediasi, media do
    you know what's going to happen to you?

    I'll take care of CP as a bonus
    his claims to the peak are erroneous

    today is the day, don't delay, join the fray
    but I recommend that before you enter you consult with Roget
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    Fabulous rhymers are you all!!!
    And your thoughts are not brash,
    But... on Shop, I think I'll lay down my cash...
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    That, otr is a really wise investment
    I thought joining this contest meant
    I would be sent to the floor

    but instead I'm feeling stronger
    don't want to wait any longer
    to send pretenders out the door
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    just so you know
    to another office I must go

    I'll be gone for about an hour
    enough time for you to devour
    one another,
    like bickering sister and brother
    I'll be back without a druther
    to sweep up the reamins
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    took a bit longer but still there's no action
    this competition has no traction
    it was supposed to be the main event, but is more a distraction


    I understand, I have a real job too
    I know we have a lot to do
    but with a limit of two
    how long can it take for what I'll do to you?

    that conference call can wait
    come take your whooping for goodness' sake

    your report will get done
    when I've won
    then we can all go back to having fun
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    have fun? that's all I do,
    you aint won. aint the king, who crowned you?
    I'm bout it bout it,
    soph is you wit it wit it,
    boy I don't care how you get your dough,
    you get it get it,
    you claimed to be at work, you should jus forfeit it,
    takin all that time to think a rhyme,
    CP step in and you can jus forget it.
    Nexus One
    HTC Inspire "4G"
    HP Veer "4G"
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    wait! no you didn't..
    wait to show after my green light was hidden

    Then you come to the competition
    with thoughtless repititions

    I'm wit it! yes, I'm wit it
    Your crown? I'm gonna get it

    you stole it anyway
    but this the very last day
    you will wear it
    get it back? you wouldn't dare it
    for now you'll have to stare it
    while I wear it
    never share it
    are you scared yet?

    you should be
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    Big Daddy Shop
    You brushed up on those chops.
    Seems a new sheriff has arrived
    CP and The Ho, may not survive

    Pontificate I will
    Seems you've got the skill
    Now the question is will,
    CP and Ho stand still? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    That would be their best move
    it would surely behoove them to
    step aside
    let it ride
    to each other confide
    that I am in fact quite victorious
    my rhymes? they are glorious
    why don't we make it unanimous?
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    I come in tonight to see no PM
    Though I'd get one to give me a date and time
    Of this challenge Shop has made to me,
    Guess he's too nervous to "schedule" a battle of rhymes.

    Insertion, he calls' me a Ho, you know
    That's cause he knows where I stand.
    I'm ready and willing to contest you all,
    No need for others to give me a hand.

    Now those who are wondering where I've been in daylight
    Hours, well I'm on a deadline,
    For my new book goes to the printer on Monday,
    And finally, then, I'll kick back with some Wine.

    But just the same, if I can make use of My Treo
    And schedule an alarm for the key debate,
    I'll be here with bells on and my fast-typing fingers,
    And I assure you, I won't be late.

    Shopharim, come on, lets set up a time,
    During which both our lights will be green.
    Then we'll battle it out, with judges and all,
    And I assure you my words won't always be what they seem.

    This tactic of posting and posting again,
    To earn brownie points with the likes of these others,
    Isn't fair, you know, because it's not a real challenge,
    So there's no sense to even bother.

    Thursday, Friday, any day you like,
    I'll be here without fail,
    And we can finally quit all this "I'm the best" banter,
    And the true rhymer shall hail.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    And now I see that Shop is on,
    But will he tend to this growing thread?
    I've got some minutes to get down-right dirty,
    And bash him over the head.

    Name the time per side,
    And my words, they will glide,
    Across your puter screen.

    Ten rounds we'll go,
    With no stopping to show,
    Hesitation, just a light of green.

    Vroom, vroom, let's get down,
    Bring on those rhymes, my friend.
    Let's finish this thing, so I can finally declare,
    I'm the Treo Ho who prevailed at the end.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
  13. #293  
    I'm here and you're here
    why do we need
    judges to intercede
    you can already see
    the only competition is me

    by the way
    how long did you work on that verbose reply
    it would have been better to stand by

    but you slipped up
    you showed up
    you're about to get blowed up

    there's the sound of the gun
    the race is on
    if youi've got it c'mon
  14. #294  
    either you're still typin
    or your brow you are wipin

    which is it?
  15. #295  
    Oh, I've got it, no argument here,
    There's no reason to get shaky just yet.
    As I'm just getting started, warmed up for a bit,
    Before all that's off with you are the bets.

    Step into the ring, and see what what you're made of,
    No slipping and sliding about.
    When I'm through with you they ALL will concede,
    As you walk away with a pout.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    I don't pout unless I'm upset
    but this wager is a sure bet
    your rhymes they are nice
    but mine are at least twice
    what you produce
    i got the juice
    and if I choose to let loose

    you will be out on the tarp
    wondering if you're in heaven hearing harps

    but much to your chagrin
    you will awake to see me win
    once again
    then defend
    my title against the next up and comer
    who will also find it a bummer
    to face the swift stream of text
    they'll be vexed just like you
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    Man you really do have an ego,
    But it will come to bit you back,
    Not sure why you'd hold back a thing,
    There are no rhyming reasons I lack.

    Now, I have to ask, is that really you?
    In the picture I have to my left.
    Cause you know you're not bad looking, my friend,
    And by the image, you just don't seem that daft.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    that is me, thanx for noticing
    but don't try refocusing the attention on my looks
    you'd better go hit the books

    this competition is still about rhymes
    and if you keep wasting time
    admiring me and my horn
    you will be most forlorn
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    Hit the books, for what? To learn some words?
    This all sounds like a trumpeter just blowing his own horn.
    You must think I'm a ditz behind the screen,
    And for that you shall be scorned.

    Yes, it's rhyming and chiming about
    And your own word don't give me much play,
    But 'scuse me for saying your a hunk of a man,
    I'll just take it back and say,
    In your closet you might as well stay.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
  20. #300  
    pardon me my wife was speaking
    some advice she was seeking

    but back to you

    I'm out in public
    in fact I'm really loving it
    to get this attention
    from this little competition

    Not that I want people to focus on me
    you can see from other threads it's God that I see

    I was hoping this spat would make you think that
    it's my ego
    it's on down low
    as soon as I win I'll be easy go-ing again
    but till then, I'll treat you like sin
    and I'll shun you
    till I'm done with you
    and I've won you as a fan

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