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    rhyme time, fly time, aka its MY time,
    cant no one drop rhymes like me,
    rhyme so quick you cant see me,
    drop my rhyme and on my way,
    yall can live to rhyme another day,
    til the day someone beats me,
    "in this blue corner...your winner....CP"
    Nexus One
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    cp,cp cp30
    that ryme was lame its got to go.
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    CP 3-0? actually its 2-1, what you know?
    lame? richy rich wake up, put down your treo,
    ya eyes must be tired not to recognize my crazy flow,
    spit so tight, sign me, let me get that crazy dough
    Nexus One
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    you must live in the hood - o
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    not anymore, but it raised me good,
    ill never blame my mom for doing what she could,
    single mom with little help and 3 kids, if i couldve helped i would,
    but its all better now and im college, one thats good,
    only when i go back home to visit friends do i go back to the hood.
    Nexus One
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    A stand up guy, your mom did good.
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    thanx for the lyrics, cp. that was dope
    a most powerful message of triumph and hope
    and since your flow is of the most silkiest way
    I thought you could provide the new word for us to rhyme today


    Never before in my life have I used the slang term 'dope' in public. It will likely never happen again. In case this occurence ever shows up in Trivial Purusit, you can tell people you were a member of the forum where it all happened

    See reference:
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    its an honor to pick the rhyme word today,
    thought i was jus an outcast on TC, im so touched, dont know what to say,
    but ill try to set it off and drop knowledge anyway,
    im just so frustrated from this TO situation,
    you know the one, it's on every news station in this nation,
    dont mean to bring the TO drama here too, just venting my frustration.
    Nexus One
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    I wouldn't freak;
    it's all negotiation.
    TO wants more dollars,
    he's like a human corporation.
    I know if he goes,
    Philly will miss his animation.
    But, if he won't show to camp
    do you really need his participation?
    Without him in the Super Bowl
    Philly will still get the standing ovation!
    Never argue with an *****; people watching may not be able to tell the difference. - Author unknown
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    yes, but what in tarnation, to the fans, is his obligation?
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    All this about piddly NFL remuneration?
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    no fan obligation,
    but to the eagles organization.
    i understand his point of view,
    hes not asking for more compensation,
    contract is backloaded, most of the 49 mil in the last few years,
    large chance he nevers sees it, and thats not exageration,
    want the money more spread out in through the years, does he and Drew want,
    but through the media this shouldnt have been handled, Banner in person TO shouldve confront.
    Nexus One
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    Watch out, CP cause here I am,
    You see I'M the rhyming Junkie
    You think you can rhyme circles 'round me?
    Man, you must be a flunkie.

    I can rhyme high, and I can rhyme low
    What do you think about THAT?
    So give it a shot, a rhyming show down...
    You'll be kicked to the alley, just like a cat.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    oh oh... there has been a calling out,
    from a rhyming Treo wh*re without a doubt.
    All I can say is watch out CP, she's good!
    You may need assistance from the buds in the 'hood?
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    That he will, Big OTR
    He knows not who he'd be contending
    It's time he come out from the cave
    And stop all this rhyming pretending!
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    when you call CP out,
    its strike 1, 2, 3, you'll be out,
    after im done with you will there be doubt?
    nah im guessing not, you'll see what CP bout,

    time for me to switch up the flow,
    hey girl go get ya some dough,
    cuz if you aint buyin yaself some rhymes, you gon lose and you wont even know

    time for CP to go wild,
    cuz you a lady ill stay mild,
    i dont wanna disprespect you cuz i know you wanna have my child

    ya know CP the best,
    get some things off ya chest,
    soon enough you'll relize im quizzing you, hope you dont fail the test...

    like the rest,
    im hard to injest,
    u never woulda guessed,
    the end, CPs the best.
    Nexus One
    HTC Inspire "4G"
    HP Veer "4G"
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    Have your child? Dare say you...
    You must be thinkin' yer a stud.
    I've seen your type times before,
    And when you lean in, my fist.. then a thud.

    Oh, yeah, you think you're pretty wise...
    You think you know it all.
    Well this girl here buys not a single word...
    I WROTE the writing that's on the wall.

    Tell me not of the NFL
    Football sucks, you know.
    The only reasons chicks like the game
    Is everything those tight little pants do show.

    Hard to injest? Now that I'll agree--
    You have airbrushing on your cap.
    Do you really think that catches the babes?
    They see it and think, "This guy's full of crap!"

    Now airbrushing was big once, I'll give you that,
    In, oh, about '86,
    It's long since gone so you wasted your bucks,
    Your wardrobe we must fix.

    If this was your best, then I hate to say
    You're the loser the first round.
    You better line up those bottles galore,
    You'll need the drinks when I knock you down.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    <--I hereby challenge a showdown. Pick a time... real time rounds, 4 minutes a side. Who wants to judge?

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Quote Originally Posted by mediasi
    <--I hereby challenge a showdown. Pick a time... real time rounds, 4 minutes a side. Who wants to judge?

    I'll judge the bikini contest... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    The bikini contest,
    Insertion will judge.
    Unless CP, without a nudge,
    Shows up, like this in jest...
    Causing Insertion cardiac arrest!

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