Ode to Indie Treo App Developers

Treo apps, I want them all
I want some games I can play all day
I want software so I can send
My friends my pics any old way.

An email app is what I need
Where I can push with ease
Make it simple for this poor fooll
To make sending attachments a breeze.

Some database apps and even ringtones
Oh, and a better way to manage time
I want more volume and a way to see
If my memory is just fine.

I want something to tell me when
My mother's flight will get in,
And the news of the day, the weather, too,
And to call my friend by just saying, "Call Cyn."

I want all these things, where can I find them?
And please tell me they are free,
I've spent so much on my Treo so far
I've emptied my wallet, my cash did flee.

I know you want to make great use
Of your wonderful Palm device
You've spent a lot of bucks so far,
Not once, not twice, but thrice.

But think of the me behind the screen
Who spends all night, out of bed
So you can rely on a special app
Or one to replace one that's dead.

I've gotta eat, and so do the kids,
You know my day job doesn't pay
And when I hit the boards to rescue you
There's an easy way to say...

"Thanks for the time, and thanks for the app
That makes me more productive
Where can I PayPal, if just two dollars
To make your time spent more constructive."

Please understand if I charge a few bucks
It's not me just being greedy
When it comes to paying bills that come in
We're all a little needy.

Sometimes it's not so easy,
Sometimes it's hours and hours
And then I want to support you, too,
Please don't cry in showers.

I know some guys do things for free
And I've no problem with small tasks
But when you think of all the time I spent
It's quite little, what I ask.