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    Quote Originally Posted by vw2002
    unfortunately because all of the terrorist bombing worldwide is being brought about by ISLAMIC RADICALS
    The problem is how are you going to know which ones are the radicals? I've known lots of muslims that aren't radical and none that are. Can you profile on religion? I don't think so - I'm sure you're not talking about negro muslims from africa or white north americans. So you're probably talking race, Indian/Arabic looking people. Is that fair? What if they're not even muslim, like that brazilian christian guy in london?

    I think the kind of knee-jerk reaction (mass profiling) you're talking about discredits everything that's precious about democratic society and will help terrorists achieve their destructive aim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vw2002
    what the h$ll is it going to take for our freakin country to CLOSE THE FREAKIN BORDERS!

    we need special, day-to-day investigations into ALL islamic citizens inhabiting the US if this is the threat we are facing right now.

    I don't care if it pisses some people off, I'm not willing to risk 2 million deaths at the hands of an al qaeda cell because we're not being "sensitive" to everybody's privacy. Tough sh!t.

    when we're faced with a nuke, that doesn't leave us any choice. Sorry, but its time for 100% accountability of everyone here, and closed borders. Period..

    Well said.
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    "The problem is how are you going to know which ones are the radicals? I've known lots of muslims that aren't radical and none that are."


    exactly. therein lies the entire problem.

    I'm sure you do know many who don't appear to be radical, hsk. I know many who don't appear to be radical either. and they probably arent.. probably fine people.
    HOWEVER, those who have been responsible for other terrorist bombings were ALSO known to be "good" people in society before they committed their acts of insanity!!

    so how exactly are we supposed to effectively deal with a scourge of humanity that hides within society itself? how are we supposed to extract this problem effectively without p@ssing somebody off somewhere along the line?

    I mean, we all want to make sure everyone is treated and respected as fairly as possible here as is outlined in our constitution, but for god sake, we also want to make sure no one is vulnerable to cells of embedded invisible terrorists!

    in a state of affairs where the enemy doesn't play by any rules, such behavior makes it difficult for us to, don't you think?

    "Can you profile on religion?"

    we'd prefer NOT to have to, hsk, but if it gets to the point where we are attacked relentlessly from within and our best efforts to police these suspects fail before they strike, what other choices do we have really?

    although we would rather not profile religion, this IS a JIHAD against america, and that jihad involves the radicals within the muslim faith, which makes this war a RELIGIOUS war, at least for the radicals. SO, unfortunately, that may make it necessary, IF the situation becomes so grave, for us to profile religion.

    but again, that's a LAST resort if we reach a point where all else has failed, and we haven't. I can only hope we will continue to be successful in thwarting these radicals through methods that preserve the values of our constitution.
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    Back to China......

    China, Africa Dictators Link Rings Alarms
    Monday, August 15, 2005,2933,165695,00.html

    WASHINGTON Not only has China (search) become an exporting giant, dumping cheap goods and creating enormous trade deficits all over the globe, but it continues to reach out to historically oppressive regimes for trade, economic partnerships and greater influence on the world political stage, policy watchers say.

    A number of lawmakers, former ambassadors and foreign policy experts who testified in a Washington hearing late last month asserted that the United States needs to wise up to the fact that China plans to become a superpower militarily, economically and politically by any means necessary.

    "China kind of burst on the scene with a presence that has been frightening to many people who hadn't realized how wide this reach ... is," Rep. Randy Forbes (search), R-Va., chairman of the new House China Caucus


    China is beefing up its military arsenal to the tune of $90 billion, according to the U.S. Defense Department. The Pentagon last month reported that sum as the amount China is putting annually into its military budget to expand its influence. While that number is just a fraction of what the U.S. spends on its armed services, officials in Beijing dispute the Pentagon's claims.


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