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    This made me proud of this little kid, I guess his Dad must be verrrrrrrry proud of him!

    8-year-old drives truck to save father

    Last Updated Thu, 14 Jul 2005 15:36:43 EDT CBC News

    An eight-year-old Saskatchewan boy is being hailed as a hero, after driving a truck to get help when his father became trapped under some machinery. "He pushed the seat up as far as he could," Don Amell told CBC News. "He drove before to help me haul bales."

    'It was a miracle.' - Don Amell
    But this time it was very different.

    "He'd never driven down the road."

    The trouble started when James and his seven-year-old sister, Neely, were out with their father on July 6 in the area around Big Beaver, in the southeast corner of the province.

    They'd gone to pick up a combine header, the part on the front of a combine that cuts crops.

    The seven-metre-long piece of machinery was on a trailer that ended up with a flat tire, and when Amell stopped to fix it, the combine header slipped, pinning him underneath.

    James and Neely tried to lift the machinery but couldn't.

    "James, you're going to have to go for help," Amell told his son.

    "I had no other choice," he told CBC News later.

    "I asked him if he could do it and he said he could. I sent him on his way, having faith that he could find somebody."

    James perched himself on the edge of the seat of the Dodge Ram 2500 so he could reach the pedals, and drove along the winding road to a neighbour's place.

    Nobody was home.

    A combine makes it way through a field of wheat. (AP file photo)
    James had no choice but to return to his father, who told him how to get to another farmhouse.

    This time it worked. People were home and help was on the way.

    They came back with James, bringing jacks and blocks with them. They were able to lift the machinery off Amell's leg and call for an ambulance.

    Amell is recovering with a broken femur and other injuries. He has a rod in his leg from the pelvis to the knee. Parts of the combine header also punctured his leg.

    Still, he considers himself lucky to be alive and thankful his children were there to save the day.

    "It was a miracle is what it was," he said.
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    Totally awesome!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for sharing and thank you for bringing back your normal avatar!
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    Thanks!!! that is so cool!!!!111111!!!1!
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    The father will probably be thrown in jail for child endangernment, and the kid will go to juvenile detention
    Well behaved women rarely make history
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    I pretty much wish the kid could invoke the hatred of the ancients and just pick up the combine and destroy it with his own thoughts of rage. That would really make for a great news story, they could call it 'Farming by Telekensis', skew the facts, create lies, and then create panic.
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    Well behaved women rarely make history
  9. #9 eight years old, I could barely wipe my own arse The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion eight years old, I could barely wipe my own arse
    thus the stains hey is that the mark of the beast i keep hearing about?
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    You seen the size of eight years olds now? It must be the bovine hormones they put into the beef they eat. My cousin had an adult shoe size at that age. He was not fat but they sure grow more rapidly now.

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