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  1.    #1 has a VERY funny online comic strip on it. No I do not run it, nor do any of my friends, just the strip entertains me greatly and I noticed the site gets about 50 hits a day, it derserves more popularity. It is updated every single day with a new strip on the front page. It's about a kid in his freshman year of college. I would suggest reading the archive, there arent many.

    So go check it out, and come back and tell me what you think.
    God bless the USA! The country I love, and will support at all costs.
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    another good one is it has a new one everyday...
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    Nice Find Dev. I like it!
  4. #4 is a fun one as well. They had a UserFriendly crossover recently. This one can also be synched to your Visor with AvantGo.

    Of course you might just want to go to
    or to
    or to
    or to
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    For those of you who have ever been a help desk tech, systems admin or network admin here is another link:*******.html.

    The link is for the "******* Operator from Hell (BOFH)" series. It is totally hilarious and having filled all three of the aforementioned position types, I wish that I had thought of some of the BOFH's ideas.


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    Originally posted by yardie
    Nice Find Dev. I like it!
    Thanks, I like it too. I like the dry humor in it.
    God bless the USA! The country I love, and will support at all costs.

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