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    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    I agree with about half of it. Tech stocks are inherently speculative, and since you can't predict the future, valuations can easily get out of hand (compare Handspring's 40:1 PE ratio with with General Motors' 7:1). It doesn't help that the internet has brought in a flood of day traders who look at nothing but price fluctuations.

    I disagree with the part about Handspring's only revenue stream being the Visor itself. They can license the Springboard slot to OEMs, as they have with Symbol. Right now, the Springboard isn't incredibly valuable, but its value will increase as more modules are released.
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    Originally posted by Gameboy70
    I agree with about half of it.
    Looks like the market agreed with some of it also -- Hand down 16.469 today.

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