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    Wonder how you "Open Borders" types feel about stories like this?

    Terror-linked migrants crossing into the US

    TIJUANA, Mexico - A restaurateur in this border city ran another business smuggling Lebanese compatriots into the United States, some with connections to Hezbollah. A Sept. 11 commission staff report called him the only "human smuggler with suspected links to terrorists" convicted in the United States. But he is not unique, according to an Associated Press investigation based on government and court records and scores of interviews.

    Many smuggling pipelines through Latin America and Canada have illegally channeled thousands of people from countries identified by the U.S. government as sponsors or supporters of terrorism.
    "Today they could be smuggling people, tomorrow weapons," said John Torres, deputy assistant director for smuggling and public safety investigations at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. "The vulnerability there is a criminal or terrorist organization could take advantage of that existing infrastructure."
    Once again, it's not a Racial issue, but a Security issue...get it?? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Believe it or not, I vote for the man and not for the party. I have voted for Dems in the past when I felt they had the best vision and work ethic. I wanted to say that because, just because I voted for someone doesn't mean that I don't issues with them either. And this is a big issue I have with Bush.

    I was always against his move to legalize all illegal immigrants. I have no problem with people coming to america, but I guess I am one who has lives by playing by the rules.

    I think Bush's pre 9/11 mentality of illegal imegration has carried over into post 9/11 reality.....and I do feel that it does pose a HUGE security threat to our country. If any Dem wants to bring Bush down fast and hard, all they have to do is link any new terrorist threat (foiled or not) that came from his lack of acting on border security from crossing over from Mexico. If the threat came from Canada, I think Bush will get nailed as well.....but he will be able to share a huge part of that with their extreme far left stance since 9/11.

    I cannot also understand why, with all the security threats facing us here at home, so many Dems are apposed to verified documentation for getting a Drivers license.

    Again, I agree this is not about I feel that it will not be a Mexican that will smuggle a bio / nuke / chem weapon in, but if I were a terrorist I would be using the mexican "underground railroad" to get here.

    Of course, I realize this is HUGE issue and it opens up a huge can of worms of homeland security lapses that are currently resulting in open gates for any terrorist ports, airport security profiling, international railroad, and private airport procedures enforcement.

    Then there are other politically explosive issues that could include a national ID card, fingerprint verification for obtaining ID like a Drivers License, and terrorist profiling in high risk areas like airports.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Wonder how you "Open Borders" types feel about stories like this?
    Interesting story. I am not necessarily an open border type (I do have reservations)...but whatever we do from a policy standpoint needs to consider all the alternatives (and repercussions).

    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Once again, it's not a Racial issue, but a Security issue...get it??
    I get get it...I am concerned about the politicians so that they get it.
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