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    Grammy Winner Luther Vandross Dies at 54

    Jul 1, 6:36 PM (ET)

    NEW YORK (AP) - Grammy award winner Luther Vandross, whose deep, lush voice on hits like "Here and Now" and "Any Love" sold more than 25 million albums while providing the romantic backdrop for millions of couples worldwide, died Friday. He was 54.

    Vandross died at 1:47 p.m. at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, N.J., said hospital spokesman Rob Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh did not release the cause of death.

    Since suffering a stroke in his Manhattan home on April 16, 2003, the R&B crooner stopped making public appearances - but amazingly managed to continue his recording career. In 2004, he captured four Grammys as a sentimental favorite, including best song for the bittersweet "Dance With My Father."

    RIP my brother.. you brought me serious joy over the years
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    I saw this story earlier...

    R.I.P. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    talented guy - sorry to see him go.
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    What a shame. I'm glad Bowie brought him into the limelight. A treasure gone.
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    R.I.P Luther
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Well behaved women rarely make history
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    One of the best concerts I've ever attended. Also helped a lot of people (including me) get laid! He was 'My Man!'


    P.S. - I liked 'big' Luther better than 'skinny' Luther.
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