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    Good morning, my Treo, what a beautiful day,
    Thanks for waking me up!
    I see your battery could use a charge,
    I'll do that while filling my coffee cup.

    Hmmm, a little dust is between your keys,
    Let me clean that right now
    With a cloth that's soft, and no chemicals
    How shiny you are now, oh wow!

    What's on my agenda today, dear friend?
    Please tell me Friday will be a breeze...
    Keep me informed of my appointments today
    So I can get through the last work day with ease.

    I see just two messages you've delivered to me
    One is a joke and the other a To-Do;
    I'll file that right on the task list screen
    And I know you'll keep me reminded of that, too!

    Good morning, my Treo, on this last week day
    This weekend we've got a lot of tasks
    And I know should I not be sure what they are
    You will answer if I ask.

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    Using my treo 650 for business:

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