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  • Lance Armstrong

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  • Ivan Basso

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  • Jan Ullrich

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  • Iban Mayo

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  • Levi Leipheimer

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  • Roberto Heras

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  • Floyd Landis

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  • Francisco Mancebo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna
    I was not expecting it on such a serious thread.
    Serious?? What's serious about one man, with one nut, opening a can of whoop *** on the french countryside for the 7th time. That's a comedy
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    Are you keeping this post?? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C
    Yeah. You guys have said it all. It's gotta drive the French crazy that they can't even win their own race against an American!! We may as well just rename the food to American Fries and take that too.
    The thing is that there are already 4 other Americans, Floyd Landis, George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton, and Levi Leipheimer, that are really looking good with potential to be major players in the sport as Lance retires. All of them by the way are were under Lance's wing as one of his supporting teammates (except for maybe Tyler, but I do believe he did for at least one season).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    I think France has gotten used to having foreign flags raised on their soil.
    No get this.......
    On Thurs night the governing body over drug inspections for the Tour De France tests every single rider.

    Then yesterday, on Friday afternoon, the French Government (totally indepently from the race officials) decides to conduct a "Random" drug test to help verify that the riders in this year tour are really drug free. Guess, who they chose for the "random" subject? Yup, Lance Armstrong. And he was the ONLY random subject....aparently he is good enough to represent the entire rest of the field! He is the most tested athlete in the world out of any sport and for 6 years he has a spotless record.

    Well, maybe the French was trying to repeat what happened 2 years ago when the French Gov decided to test Lance. When the tests did come back, they did contain 3 illegal substances in France.....Mouthwash, toothpaste, and deodorant!

    EDIT: For a little French with Americans in the Tour background:

    Is this appropriate?
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    Hobbes: I thought I read that Lance came in 2nd in a timed trial (which is great because Ulrich was like....12th.) So, it looks like Lance is off to a good start.
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    Not only is Lance off to a good start....he made a bold statement to all serious contenders for the tour, that he is here to win and to win big. In this individual Time Trail, each rider starts 1 minute behind the other. Jan Ulrich (considered Lance's main rival, along with Ivan Basso) has historically been one of the best TTers in the world. But today, even though he started 1 minute before Lance, Lance caught up to him and litterally blew by him at only 13 KM!! (which was the first time that anyone has ever caught Ulrich in a TT) It a race that lasts 3 weeks and covers thousands of miles, including the Alps and Pyrenees, it has come down to as little as 8 sec with Greg Lemond winning the Tour. Now in the first day alone Lance has already put 1 to 1 1/2 minutes on ALL of his closest rivals!

    See Lance Blow by Ulrich HERE

    Lance then ended 2 sec behind the winner, giving the Yellow jersey to another American on another team for a 1-3 days until the maybe the Team TT in 4 days. Lance will often fall just short of winning the yellow jersey in the beginning of the tour so that he and his team does not have to waste energy defending it in the beginning flat stages that is traditionally the time for sprints to shine while they can because they know they will killed in the mountains.

    Lance promised that his is going to win this tour with the biggest margain yet over the last 6 wins.

    What I also thought was really good is the fact that 6 of the top 15 are all Americans! The nearest French rider after day one is down in 24 place 1:30 behind. (major contenders are in bold):

    Overall Results:
    1. Dave Zabriskie (USA/CSC) 20min 51sec
    2. Lance Armstrong (USA/DSC) at 0:02
    3. Alexander Vinokourov (KAZ/MOB) 0:53
    4. George Hincapie (USA/DSC) 0:57
    5. Laszlo Bodrogi (HUN/C.A) 0:59
    6. Floyd Landis (USA/PHO) 1:02
    7. Fabian Cancellara (SWI/FAS) 1:02
    8. Jens Voigt (GER/CSC) 1:04
    9. Vladimir Karpets (RUS/BAL) 1:05
    10. Igor Gonzalez Galdeano (SPA/LIB) 1:06
    11. Bobby Julich (USA/CSC) 1:07
    12. Jan Ullrich (GER/MOB) 1:08
    13. José Enrique Gutierrez (SPA/PHO) 1:12
    14. Levi Leipheimer (USA/GRL) 1:13
    15. Michael Rich (GER/GRL) 1:13
    20. Ivan Basso (ITA/CSC) 1:26

    Armstrong Comes Out Swinging,00.html

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    Lance's team won the Team Trial in the 3rd yr in a row. In fact they did so good today that they set the record for the fastest Team TT in the 102 year Tour history.

    Here is a video of Zabriskie's crash in the last 1.5 km that handed that ended his yellow jersey fame:


    VIDEO: Discovery Channel (Lance's Team) Wins The Team Trial Video

    VIDEO: Lance Dons The Yellow Jersey And Recap Of Current Standings Video

    As a result, Lance is now in Yellow as the leader of the race.

    Lance Armstrong Takes Tour de France Lead,2933,161599,00.html,00.html

    3 of the top 5 are all USA. Here are the current standings (main contenders in bold):
    Pos. No. Name Nat. Team Time
    1 001 ARMSTRONG, Lance USA DSC 09:59:12.000
    2 004 HINCAPIE, George USA DSC 10:00:07.000
    3 028 VOIGT, Jens GER CSC 10:00:16.000
    4 023 JULICH, Bobby USA CSC 10:00:19.000
    5 008 RUBIERA, José Luis ESP DSC 10:00:26.000
    6 007 POPOVYCH, Yaroslav UKR DSC 10:00:28.000
    7 019 VINOKOUROV, Alexandre KAZ TMO 10:00:33.000
    8 005 NOVAL GONZALEZ, Benjamin ESP DSC 10:00:38.000
    9 029 ZABRISKIE, David USA CSC 10:00:38.000
    10 021 BASSO, Ivan ITA CSC 10:00:38.000
    14 011 ULLRICH, Jan GER TMO 10:00:48.000
    20 066 LANDIS, Floyd USA PHO 10:01:02.000
    28 164 LEIPHEIMER, Levi USA GST 10:01:33.000
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    Lance is certainly the sportsman:
    At the start, Armstrong refused to wear the race leader’s yellow jersey in respect to fellow American Dave Zabriskie who had lost the lead after he crashed in the team time trial.

    It is not an unprecedented Tour gesture (Eddie Merckx did the same after Luis Ocana crashed out of the 1971 race), but this time the organization threatened Armstrong with disqualification if he did not pull on the jersey, so the race was stopped after two miles for him to change.

    “Jean-Marie (Leblanc, the race director) said to me that if I didn’t put it on I wouldn’t be starting tomorrow at all, so I guess that was clear enough. I can understand they have obligations to sponsors and to the public who like to see the yellow jersey pass by.”

    Zabriskie, who went to hospital after his crash on Tuesday, stayed near the back of the race today. His Danish CSC team, however, survived another scare when six of them fell off near the feeding station at the half-way point including their leader, Ivan Basso.
    VIDEO: Today's crash on the last turn of the race

    VIDEO: Interview with Lance about being forced to wear the yellow jersey

    No change in the overall standings
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    Hobbes: Im not quite the die-hard fan but I like the updates. Keep it up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    Hobbes: Im not quite the die-hard fan but I like the updates. Keep it up!
    Great...I will try to post a cliff notes version of day with a quick video and quote of the highlights for at least the major events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    Great...I will try to post a cliff notes version of day with a quick video and quote of the highlights for at least the major events.
    The crash video on that one turn was incredible. Are there any more team time trials or was that the only one?
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    If there even is a Team TT, there has historically only been one. In fact the one 3 years ago was the first one they had since 1999 and I think it was up to 4 years or so before that until we can find another one.

    But they do always have individual TTs, which I find one of the most fun stages to watch. It is one of the hardest disciplines of cycle racing. Most cyclist will say that individual TTs are 85% mental. Having won some TT racing in local races, I would agree. There is no one but you and how hard you want to push yourself out there on the road.

    I think there are two Personal TTs this year, but not for sure.
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    Stage 6 Troyes to Nancy

    There are some minor changes in the overall standings, but it won't be final until they verify the times after the crash with just 700 m to go.

    VIDEO: Stage 6 Massive Crash; Lorenzo Bernucci Wins the Stage
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    This is a very nice thing to see. I thought I was the only tour junky out there. I have been watching the tour since '87 and can't remember a more glorious time. Lance has almost a full minute on his serious rivals. If he can maintane that lead into the mountains, baring any crashes, ect., he should win no problem. I actually watch it every morning when I get up, 6am Arizona time. It's actually nice to watch the live coverage with my kids over breakfast before they go to summer rec. Now I'm going to have to visit this post, as well as the others I frequent, to get the latest thoughts and comments from everyone else watching. It will be a nice change of pace. My freinds and co-workers look at me with that look of "Idon't care" everytime I try to talk to them about it. I truely hope he wins. He is a true athlete and a great sportsman, team player, ect.
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    Man....Lance may be the most awesome force to watch in cycling history, but you just missed the most dramatic. In 85 when Lemond was actually winning the Tour, but put on the brakes and gave it up to a struggling Benard Hinault so he could join the 5 Time Tour Winner Club. In turn Hinault promised to support Lemond the following year for his first Tour win, in recognition that Lemond gave up his chance to win the tour that year.

    But then the next year in 86, Hinault welched on his word and attacked and attacked and attacked and tried to take the win away from Lemond. The battle of the tour was being fought not between leaders of two different teams, but as a war within one team.

    In the end Lemond stuffed Hinault back where he should have been in the beginning if he had honored his word so that he could win the year 2nd place.

    Oh...BTW....Any tour junky is certainly welcomed on this thread.
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    Stage 7 Luneville to Karlsruhe

    It was the last of the flat stages today that ended in Germany. For the most part is was a pretty much as expected, except for a couple crashes on some railroad tracks and again during the sprint at the finish:

    VIDEO: Interview with Lance Armstrong before Stage 7

    VIDEO: End Sprint Crash Replay

    VIDEO: McEwen Sprints to Stage 7 Victory

    VIDEO: Stages 5-6 Crash Flashbacks

    Man....I couldn't find the video of the multiple crashes when they tried to cross the railroad tracks that were at a 45 degree angle to the road with wet rails. Jan Ulrich just missed a going down in that crash by a single bike length. That would have been big news. But here is a picture:

    General standings are still basically unchanged. But all of that can change, as tomorrow's stage ends with a the first mountain in the Alps. It is only a category 2 climb, but enough to make a big difference in the GC standings if someone attacks or is having a bad day for any number of reasons. Tomorrow is when it starts to get interesting.
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    I have heard that story before. That just goes to show you, who can you trust. speaking of team efforts, what was up with team discovery today. They left Lance all alone to defend himself. Not that he wasn't able to but what happens next week in the alps? I think evryone just had a bad day today. Tomorrow should be interesting and The day of rest on Monday seems much needed. More tomorrow.
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    Lance said today that he was going to have a talk tonight over dinner. One of the things that happened was this was long flat stage with a single Cat 2 climb at the end. Lance was the only one with the climbing cogs. Everyone else on the team was geared up for the flats. But Lance admited that even though he defended all attacks (by himself) from those who he labeled as threats, he had a bad day today himself.

    Tomorrow comes the foothills to the Alps with several significant climbs.
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    For all the people without OLN you can see a recap of the first stages on CBS today. The show is supposed to start at 3 p.m. EDT but, you should probably check your listings as there is a live Champ car race airing before the TdF show.
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