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    There's this car radio I want soooo badly! It's available in Europe, but not yet in the United States. I have only a window of time to get it installed. Is there any difference between European and US radio frequencies? I wouldn't think so, since I think I remember it being the same. But would the two units really function any differently in terms of reception or tuning? If anyone is interested in what I'm specifically looking at, it's:

    which is available in Europe, and:

    which will be available in the US.

    These SEEM to be the same products, they definitely look the same. The tech specs on the Euopean version's radio is:

    -FM Tuner
    Tuner Type SSIR-EXA
    ABC (Automatic Bandwidth Control) YES
    BTM (Best Tuning Memory) YES

    -Tuner Station Presets
    FM 18
    MW 6
    LW 6

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    The frequencies have got to be the same. I once bought a radio in England when I was there for two months and still use it today in the states (when I'm not listening to xm).
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    Be real cautious. The DVD is in PAL format.
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    Hi, thanks for checking it out and the heads up. I'm not using the DVD functions for video at all, I'm using it just to play MP3s from DVDs.

    So it seems that the FM frequencies are the same, but what about the tuner actually tuning and picking up the stations ok?

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    ok ,

    FM you are good as they will tune the same

    AM not good but prob work as EURO jumps a diffent amount than we do, you can prb get close to most stations but not exact tune
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    What's wrong with the Pioneer AVIC-D1??
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    Thanks a lot for the info. I'd like the D1 - and probably more, the Avic-N2, but they don't play MP3s on DVDs. Plus, the D1 is double-din, so it wouldnt' fit

    As for the radio station tuning, I check out the "US" unit on Crutchfield, and they have a section for "European tuning" which says "Lets you tune to the European interval of .05 kHz. If a receiver has European tuning, it can be used in many countries overseas. All models available from Crutchfield will tune to all US FM and AM frequencies"; so it seems to just be a repackage.

    JayL, can you explain the AM problem to me? Why wouldn't that work? I see the European model has FM and " MW and LW". Are MW and LW just different frequencies that match up with AM, or at least part of AM? How much of the AM spectrum does it overlap onto?

    So it seems then that these are just about the same models (except of course region specific DVD issues, but I won't ever use DVD-Video, so it doesn't really matter; CD playback should be the same, I would think...)

    Thanks a lot for this help!
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    the AM prob is likes this:

    Us jumps 100 EURO jumps 90

    so say you need to goto 1100 you could get to 1080 on euro no closer it usually works ok as AM isn't great qual anyway but just know you wont get some AM stations especially as you get higher in the band...only thing i'd ever use AM for is emergency road info though....

    FM is great you can even sort of fine tune with the smaller jumps

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