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    I just found this interesting:


    By Michelle Malkin
    The clairvoyants at the Associated Press have already released their report on the Bush speech, written in the past tense--a speech which isn't scheduled to happen until 8pm EST tonight.


    FORT BRAGG, N.C. - President Bush on Tuesday appealed for the nation's patience for "difficult and dangerous" work ahead in Iraq, hoping a backdrop of U.S. troops and a reminder of Iraq's revived sovereignty would help him reclaim control of an issue that has eroded his popularity.
    In an evening address at an Army base that has 9,300 troops in Iraq, Bush was acknowledging the toll of the 27-month-old war. At the same time, he aimed to persuade skeptical Americans that his strategy for victory needed only time not any changes to be successful.

    "Like most Americans, I see the images of violence and bloodshed. Every picture is horrifying and the suffering is real," Bush said, according to excerpts released ahead of time by the White House. "It is worth it."

    It was a tricky balancing act, believed necessary by White House advisers who have seen persistent insurgent attacks eat into Americans' support for the war and for the president and increase discomfort among even Republicans on Capitol Hill. Tuesday, June 28, 2005
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    Two possible scenarios:

    1. Maybe Bush's speech wasnt that hard to predict ;-)

    2. Maybe the high points of the speech were given out in advance to the Presidential Press Corps and it got passed around?
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    Oh...I know...I have seen this happen before....But I always find it amazing when they actually publish the article PRIOR to the event even taking place.
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    Well I think its evidence to show that their #1 priority is to sell headlines...its a race!
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    Ultimate example.......

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    Fair and balance reporting from CNN? You decide.....

    Body of Evidence
    A CNN anchor gets Iraq and al Qaeda wrong. But will the network issue a correction?


    "THERE IS NO EVIDENCE that Saddam Hussein was connected in any way to al Qaeda."

    So declared CNN Anchor Carol Costello in an interview yesterday with Representative Robin Hayes (no relation) from North Carolina.


    The CNN claims are wrong. Not a matter of nuance. Not a matter of interpretation. Just plain incorrect.


    But such claims are, sadly, representative of the broad media misunderstanding of the relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda. Richard Cohen, columnist for the Washington Post, regularly chides the Bush administration for presenting what he calls fabricated or "fictive" links between Iraq and al Qaeda. The editor of the Los Angeles Times scolded the Bush administration for perpetuating the "myth" of such links. "Sixty Minutes" anchor Lesley Stahl put it bluntly: "There was no connection."

    Conveniently, such analyses ignore statements like this one from Thomas Kean, chairman of the 9/11 Commission. "There was no question in our minds that there was a relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda." Hard to believe reporters just missed it--he made
    the comments at the press conference held to release the commission's final report. And that report detailed several "friendly contacts" between Iraq and al Qaeda, and concluded only that there was no proof of Iraqi involvement in al Qaeda terrorist attacks against American interests.


    There have been several recent developments. One month ago, Jordan's King Abdullah explained to the Arabic-language newspaper al Hayat that his government had tried before the Iraq war to extradite Abu Musab al Zarqawi from Iraq.

    One week later, former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi told the same newspaper that the new Iraqi government is in possession of documents showing that Ayman al Zawahiri, bin Laden's top deputy, and Zarqawi both entered Iraq in September 1999. (If the documents are authentic, they suggest that Zarqawi may have plotted the Jordanian Millennium attacks from Iraq.)


    In 1992 the Iraqi Intelligence services compiled a list of its assets. On page 14 of the document, marked "Top Secret" and dated March 28, 1992, is the name of Osama bin Laden, who is reported to have a "good relationship" with the Iraqi intelligence section in Syria.


    That same year, Hussein agreed to a request from bin Laden to broadcast anti-Saudi propaganda on Iraqi state television. In 1997, al Qaeda sent an emissary with the nom de guerre Abdullah al Iraqi to Iraq for training on weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell cited this evidence in his presentation at the UN on February 5, 2003. The Senate Intelligence Committee has concluded that Powell's presentation on Iraq and terrorism was "reasonable."


    In 1998, according to documents unearthed in Iraq's Intelligence headquarters in April 2003, al Qaeda sent a "trusted confidante" of bin Laden to Baghdad for 16 days of meetings beginning March 5. Iraqi intelligence paid for his stay in Room 414 of the Mansur al Melia hotel and expressed hope that the envoy would serve as the liaison between Iraqi intelligence and bin Laden. The DIA has assessed those documents as authentic.


    Can CNN stand by its claim that "there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein was connected in any way to al Qaeda?"
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    Is The BBC Biased?

    It's been 15 years since I lived in England. I lived there during the first Gulf War. There were some friend of ours that lived up the street on top of the Malvern Hills that was a big time Ham radio operator. So every night we would over to his house and watch the BBC news of the war efforts of that day. By the time the BBC coverage was over, we would jump on the Ham radio and listen to the American version of the day, usually CNN or ABC nightly news at that time, and then at 10 pm the Iraqi gov would broadcast their english version of the days events. This was real unique opportunity and was VERY interesting to hear all three perspectives. It usually went something like this:

    BBC: Due mainly to the British support in todays attacks, it was an undiable success......

    ABC / NBC / CNN: Today attacks consisted of 2,000 Americans, 400 British, and 100 other nations soldiers as they took out the......

    Iraqi: Today, we scared off the Americans as they attacked the.... (the Iraqi broadcast would then continue propoganda like, your family does not support you, your children are ashamed that you are killing innocent civilians in your evil campaign, etc....)

    Our friends, who were British always commented on how slanted the BBC was in it's reporting....but while I was there, unless I was at my friends house, I didn't have much else to compare it to.

    So the question is.....especially if you live in you feel the BBC is slanted or Biased against issues of terror, i.e. refusing to use the word terrorist, Pro-Palestien / Anti-Isreal, Pro or Con American, etc... Or do you find after watching it each day that is fair and balanced on issue such as terrorism and American / British relationships?

    Here are some articles from this last little bit and some the I recalled reading a while back on the topic.....

    BBC Removes References to Terrorists

    Britain's national broadcaster re-edited some of its online coverage of last Thursday's London bombings to remove references to "terrorists" and related words, after earlier appearing to have set aside its policy of not using the terms.

    In the hours following the attacks, observers noted that the BBC had referred to "terrorists" and "terror" in stories on its BBC News website, despite editorial guidelines telling staff to avoid the term.

    But at some point, editors began reining in.


    The BBC's guidelines state that its credibility is undermined by the "careless use of words which carry emotional or value judgments".

    Consequently, "the word 'terrorist' itself can be a barrier rather than an aid to understanding" and its use should be "avoided", the guidelines say.

    Rod Liddle, a former editor of the Today programme, has accused the BBC of "institutionalised political correctness" in its coverage of British Muslims.
    BBC to delay and censor coverage of 'sensitive terror events'

    London - The BBC will introduce a time delay on its live coverage of sensitive news events such as the September 11 attacks in the United States and the school massacre in Beslan, Russia, the company said on Thursday.

    The time delay will last several seconds and will allow editors to cut any scenes they believe are too shocking for viewers.

    The decision was made following the unease felt in some quarters over the BBC's coverage of the Beslan disaster in September, the British Broadcasting Corporation said.


    The company's investigations into crime and serious anti-social behaviour "must be clearly editorially justified".

    The BBC's television and radio content now needs to comply with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code in six key areas: Protecting the Under Eighteens; Harm and Offence; Crime; Religion; Fairness and Privacy.

    BBC appoints news censor
    BBC appoints man to monitor 'pro-Arab bias'

    The BBC has appointed a "Middle East policeman" to oversee its coverage of the region amid mounting allegations of anti-Israeli bias.


    The BBC has also been the target of Downing Street accusations that it toed a pro-Baghdad line over the Iraq war and that it influenced the Today programme's handling of the dossier story that is the subject of the
    Hutton Inquiry.
    Here is an article, with some interesting points:

    The Disgrace of the BBC
    Unfair, unbalanced, and afraid.

    While Damazer graciously admitted that the BBC "make[s] mistakes," most of those mistakes were distinctly unfriendly towards the coalition. For example, on April 3, after U.S. troops had taken control of the Baghdad airport, Andrew Gilligan (remember that name) reported on the BBC World Service and on the BBC website, "Within the last 90 minutes I've been at the airport. There is simply no truth in the claims that American troops are surrounding it. We could drive up to it quite easily. The airport is under full Iraqi control." That was Gilligan's story, and the BBC was sticking to it--until another correspondent pointed out that Gilligan was not, in fact, at the airport, but U.S. troops quite clearly were.

    Two days later, on April

    5, Gilligan reported, "I'm in the center of Baghdad, and I don't see anything. But then the Americans have a history of making these premature announcements." At roughly the same time, CNN was broadcasting pictures of the 3rd Infantry driving through the center of Baghdad.


    For instance, on May 15, John Kampfner filed a story in which he called the April 1 rescue of POW Jessica Lynch "one of the most stunning pieces of news management ever conceived." The U.S. Special Forces troops who rescued her "knew that the Iraqi military had fled a day before they swooped on the hospital." The Pentagon, he claimed, "had been influenced by Hollywood producers of reality TV and action movies" to the extent that the troops had actually gone in firing blanks to make the rescue more dramatic on tape.

    This should have struck any professional war correspondent as implausible, to say the least. As a U.S. official deadpanned to the Washington Times, the Navy SEALs who rescued Lynch "are not the type of guys who carry blanks." In fact, an investigation by NBC News found that "the so-called blanks were actually flash-bang grenades used to stun and frighten hospital workers and potential resistance." Hospital workers also told NBC that the Iraqi military had used the basement of the hospital as a headquarters, and that top brass had left only six hours before the raid. And while there was no fighting inside the hospital, there was a firefight between soldiers guarding the hospital perimeter and Iraqi paramilitaries.
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    Why go all the way to the UK??

    "No, the day after a strong jobs report (search), The New York Times was bemoaning it would most likely keep interest rates ratcheting upward.
    I'm not saying that isn't true. But would it kill us in the media to turn it around? That interest rates are going higher, precisely because the economy's going higher?

    Would it kill us to report that while gas prices are at a record this week of $2.29 a gallon... they'd have to get up to more than 3 bucks to match the inflation-adjusted Carter years? And would it kill us to add that folks in Europe pay up to three times our level right now?

    Would it kill us to note in our "deficits-are-ruining-America" stories, that deficits are actually declining? Maybe a hundred billion less than thought? And that tax revenues are up, precisely because tax rates are down?

    Would it kill us to admit that's because more people are working and more people are paying taxes, so the pie just got bigger? No, we curse the pie and dish out the crap. How's that for flaky?

    In economic news, that's not being fair and balanced.

    Now, I'm not saying, don't report the bad stuff. Just don't make it seem like that's the only stuff." -- Neil Cavuto
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    JESSICA SIMPSON wants to know where missing footage of her and husband NICK LACHEY's harrowing trip to Iraq got to - because she thinks Americans would like to see just how bad conditions are there.

    The pop singers-turned-reality TV couple travelled to the war-torn nation to visit US troops as part of a recent ABC TV variety special, and they were both left shellshocked by what they saw.

    But all the controversial moments and harrowing footage of the trip didn't appear in the fun-filled TV show.

    Simpson says, "It was unbelievable. They didn't show a lot of what really went on with the enemy attacks and the shelling. There was so much stuff that went on and somehow the tapes got mysteriously misplaced.
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    Not saying that it was better in the old days, but the origin of the American press is extremely political. Read material from the revolutionary period and shortly thereafter and it would make fox news and air america look like scholarly journals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Jessica Simpson?? Isn't she the one who thought the Secretary Of The Interior did a wonderful job decorating the White House???

    She probably forgot to turn her camera on... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Jessica Simpson?? Isn't she the one who thought the Secretary Of The Interior did a wonderful job decorating the White House???

    She probably forgot to turn her camera on...
    LOL...I just wonder how much of it is just an act to manipulate the media (and her fans?)
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    Reality TV....the backbone of modern mainstream media!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Jessica Simpson?? Isn't she the one who thought the Secretary Of The Interior did a wonderful job decorating the White House???

    She probably forgot to turn her camera on...
    LOL. I tend to agree.
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    Fairness Doctrine?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Fairness Doctrine?
    In the not too distant past, the government required "fair and equal time" for political viewpoints. Ronaldus Magnus ended that affront to the 1st Amendment.
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    This week's Newsweek cover(s) by geographical region

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    Apparently the liberals who run Newsweek are afraid to focus too much attention on national security because that would help Republicans in the elections. Thanks for pointing that out.
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