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    Ode to a Treo...

    Just last month I got my Treo
    I looked at it and said "Ohhh-Weee-Ohhh!"
    It's nice and silver, a beautiful thing
    It makes me want to dance and swing.

    I crashed it first day, cause I was too excited
    Without reading everything, my Treo was slighted
    But I promised, with care and love I would use it
    It's better than most phones, that's why I choose it.

    My Treo is now my new best friend,
    It tells me when to start a task, and when the day should end,
    At night it settles nicely in it's cradle
    Like my Mom's famous stew in a silver ladle.

    Some say I'm a freak, I love it so much,
    It's nice and sleek - perfect to the touch,
    And maybe this thing makes me kind of a geek,
    But I don't care, I use it all week!

    My Treo loves me, and I love my Treo
    I would carry it to LA, and even to Toledo
    I had it with me when I shopped for some clothes,
    Some shoppers looked at me, and turned up their nose.

    My Treo has a funny ring, but I know it very well
    I always know when I need to answer, as it chimes its little bells.
    And when I'm at the doctor and getting a little bored,
    I play a game of Rummy, trying to better my score.

    Now I don't miss my appointments, and when I'm at the grocery store
    My Treo tells me what to buy, whether it be steak or corn.
    And it tells me when to buy my sis a birthday gift,
    And when I need to take my car and give my neighbor a lift.

    Sure its pricey, but so is life, and my Treo saves me time,
    Now I don't mind saying, "Let's talk some more, it's my dime."
    My Treo fits quite snuggly, in its case clipped on my waist,
    And when I talk to my Treo, I never say things in haste.

    Now other phone users may say I'm a little nuts
    Some say the Treo isn't worth it, and I don't even bother with the ifs and buts,
    Cause when it comes right to it, I can settle the score,
    You can't argue with this woman, I'm a die-hard Treo *****.
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    Thanks... post yours up!

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    Next stanza:

    It matters not. I do not worry
    If the uneducated call you a Blackberry.
    I know all the things that you can do.
    When BB grows up, it will be more like you.
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    This is my poor friend named Leo
    The women he'd had numbered zero.
    He he was not desired
    A 650 he acquired.
    Now he has sex menage a treo.
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