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    If I want to find information, I don't appreciate not being able to do so. There is nothing illegal about ROM's, if there was, they would be outlawed! I posted a message in the Software section pertaining to ROM's and it was promptly closed. If you are going to close threads that "have the possibility for potentially being slightly on the shady side" then you might as well not have a forum at all. If ROM's were illegal Liberty wouldn't exist as a product. You wouldn't be able to buy it.

    What exactly do you, moderators (and others who don't agree with me) use Liberty for? Do you just leave it on your Visor and stare at it, or do you actually play games with it? If you are playing games you obviously are using a ROM. Don't tell me you own the game because that is exactly what I said (and was the truth).

    I cannot see how this topic would have any impact on the future of Visor Central, especially when approached in a just and legal way.

    In the past I have wholeheartedly agreed with the decisions made on these boards not to talk about certain topics, but not this time. I have said my piece and I am done. My ears are open, so if someone could "explain" to me why they think I am wrong than by all means do so, but don't just "tell" me you think I am wrong and close the thread.
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    When you have a rom to a game that you do not personally own. There is nothing stopping you from making ROM's out of any game that you personally own.
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    Except the $30 converter that I would need to buy, and I don't even think there is a Mac version of it.

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