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    Whaddya drink when yer watchin' what?
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    Chicago White Sox and something from Foster's.

    On TV, but sometimes radio. Have yet to actually attend a game, and I doubt they serve Aussie beer in the stands.
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    Koolaid (damn diet) and is "Worst Police Chases" a sport?
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    Coffee, Coke, or iced tea and anything NASCAR.
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    Coffee, and my kids chasing the chickens (with the dog chasing them) around the yard. I'm lucky enough to not be able to get TV reception where I live. I still am trying to find out if the study that claimed a person watching TV has the same brainwaves as a person in a coma is real. I figure I don't need that kind of help.
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    Shiner Bock when I'm watching baseball or writing looooong reviews
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    Originally posted by MarkEagle
    ... anything NASCAR.
    you might be interested in the man vs. machine Formula One race.
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    Ahhhh...where to begin? I love watching Football on occasion, mainly the Packers, while enjoying an ice cold bottle of Leinenkuegels or Berghoff. No mass produced beer for me, only Microbrew will do.
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    ultimately, a Molson Export while watching the Leafs, but i usually end up with Molson Golden as it's the only GOOD Canadian beer they sell around my house. (Can't stand that Blue crap)
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    The sport's a,
    the drink varies... Sam Adams if my team's losing, Guinness if they're winning, and coffee if they're on a west coast road trip & the games are on late.
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    I guess I should have explained that I drink coffee because I live in Upstate New York and I have to drive to Maryland to buy Shiner Bock. So I don't EVER hear anybody complain about how hard they got it! (If you are unfortunate enough never to have had a Shiner Bock you won't know how bad I've got it up here in the wilderness)
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    Originally posted by BobbyMike
    I still am trying to find out if the study that claimed a person watching TV has the same brainwaves as a person in a coma is real. I figure I don't need that kind of help.
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    pick up "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television" by Jerry Mander. I've been tv-free since 1987 and radio-free since 1989. I prefer to do productive things with my time.

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    I drink Grolsch and will watch anything just as long as it has a moving picture....
    Too bad the reception in my new place is so bad

    Mind you this is only in weekdays... on the weekend when I go out to a pub I have to drink VBVBVB ($just$ $could$ $find$ $an$ unoffical VB page...
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    Usually water and TLC or the Discovery Channel (with an occasional HGTV for home improvement and History Channel thrown in).

    In defense of T.V. - I wouldn't be surprised about the brainwaves thing, but the key is moderation. You can try to be doing something productive every minute of the day, and you'll probably kill youself. Sometimes, you just need to relax, and if my brainwaves are the same as someone in a coma, I'm probably pretty relaxed.

    Just don't spend too much of your life that way.
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    I'm not anti TV, I'm just glad I don't have an excuse to veg in front of it. I have a TV and a VCR, last night I watched "Diamonds Are Forever" with my wife and two older boys. I do get tired of people talking about shows like "Survivor" and "Jerry Springer" though, so I guess I'm an elitist or sumpin'.

    Y'all take care know
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    Here's a vote for good 'ole Bud Lite and the Nebraska Cornhuskers!!! Ahhhhh, the taste of mass produced alcoholic beverages, there's just nothing like it! Especially to a college student on a tight budget because he spent all of his money on Visor gadgets. Doh!

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