Alright, I'm taking a class now that the professor requested that everyone buy a $40 financial calculator. I have a programmable hp 49g+ which has MOST of the functions the professor wanted except for two (Finding Net Present Value via. Cash Flow and finding Internal Rate of Return "NPV & IRR"). I went to "the source" for hp programs ( and found a program that appeared to provide what I needed. However, when I loaded up the program, it gave an error.

I'm very much a newbie with programming, and this function is out of my league (don't know how to program iterations), but if I could look at the code for the program, I think I could decipher it and find out why it's not working.

I emailed the author of the code, but he's a Spanish instructor and since it's summer school, he may not get the email until it's waaaay too late.