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    I recall Hawking stating at PC Expo that he didn't see a color Visor in the works.
    I made the same misinterpretation. What he said was that color is useful primarily for viewing photographs and making text more readable (true black-on-white text). Viewing photographs is probably the main reason why the Prism uses 16-bit color. Other applications (except maybe games) are unlikely to make use of the increased color depth. I happen to agree: black text on a white background is the best reason for going to color. I don't think of color as necessary, but it's not frivolous either.
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    Originally posted by JEBaldwin
    grilled cheese and bacon sandwich

    Ugh!?! Never heard of that before, and hope to never hear it mentioned again.....

    BTW, I have to go with the resolution mentioned a few posts back. I too would love to see 320x320 on a color Visor. I won't buy the Prism because of the low resultion, I don't care how many colors it can still is going to look blocky.

    Ryan Clayton
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    "Blocky" or not - it automatically "DOUBLES" (I guess?) the value of the EyeModule.
    And if a video module comes down the pike...
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    I have to disagree with you there......I don't care if the Eyemodule can now display in color, the pictures still look like crap.......but that's a different thread.
    Ryan Clayton
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