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    When I moved from the Netherlands to Australia I had a lot of stuff with EURO power plugs that would not fit into the australian power plugs.

    I came up with a workaround by making australian plugs to a EURO powerstrip. That way I could plug in the powerstrip and have several (in my case 5) poweroutlets for EURO plugs...

    This solved my problem but started me thinking (yes, that's dangerous, I know ) When I saw the adaptor for my laptop I got a great idea (IMHO)....
    The adaptor used a universal plug/port there you put country specific cables in (don't know how to describe it properly but electric razors usually use this kind of cable too...)
    I was thinking if you would create a powerstrip with that kind of plug/port you would only have to swap cables if you go to another country....

    Off course this would only work if all countries use 220V-240V but some countries (like the US) stil (are silly enough to ) use 110V... So you would need a autoswitching adaptor too if you want to make it really universal too.

    I know you can buy universal plug (especially on international airports) but I find those very expensive ($10+) and they only do it for 1 plug... the power stip system could do it for 3/5 plug for a simular price...

    my question is: Am I just a fool with a dream or would there be a market for this kind of thing??

    Any serious input is apreciated! (non serious too if it is funny )
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    I think you have a great idea here.

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