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    I know that every one is praying for clownracer and his wife who is currently sick in hospital. Clown is pleading for help to ward off difficulty his family is facing. I am sure most of us here know from news or personal that a lot families lost everything because sickness and mountain of medical bills. Clown is doing his best to stay strong but without help from others he might not be able to save his wife and his family. I am one who is admiring his effect being a man and taking care of his family. Hope our fellow TC members can support this fellow not only spiritually, but also financially. A few bucks won’t hurt your wallet, but it will help our friend Clown greatly in need.

    I am sure he will appreciate your kindness. I too would say thank you to everyone who can drop Clown a few dollars.

    p.s. I am not in anyway related to Clown nor benefit from this. Just want to help.
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    Lets not make this board a begging one.
    We all feel for clown and his wife but 1 thread about it is enough..
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