Death knell for treaty as Straw puts vote on hold
FOREIGN Secretary Jack Straw was today expected to tell MPs plans for a referendum on the EU constitution have been put on hold.
Mr Straw was to sound the death knell of the treaty by revealing in the Commons the Referendum Bill is to be suspended indefinitely.
With the constitutional treaty requiring the ratification of all 25 member states if it is to be implemented, ministers believe it is pointless carrying on following the 'no' votes in France and the Netherlands.

The announcement will be seen as a rebuff to French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder who renewed calls at the weekend for the ratification process to continue. Following talks between them in Berlin on Saturday, Mr Chirac's spokesman said one country alone should not be able to decide the fate of the treaty and that each of the 25 "must be able to express itself in its turn".

Maybe if everyone else ratified, France and the Netherlands would just be asked to drop out. Dont know