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    Hello all alot of you guys know me some personally about a month ago my wife Kayon started to get really achy and weak, we put it off as a change in the weather and thought "no big deal" this has gotten steadly worse and worse two weeks ago she became bed riddin and could not work. well her boss being the wonderfull man he is fired her(nice guy right) well this past friday Kayon was worse then ever(she had been in and out of the doctors since about 3 weeks ago) so i decided to take her to the hospital! well we called a cab and by the time we got there she was almost comotose they put her on an i.v. drip and right away her eyes bugged out ive never seen anything like it before they enlargerd so much she could not close that was friday (mind you all month they have been running tests to find out what was going on)sat came and went she could barley talk and cannot move sunday i spent all day with her an she is slowly gaining energy they got some test results back and they think it may be
    Macrophage activation syndrome: a potentially fatal complication of rheumatic disorders

    the weird tthing about this is that it seems to affect only children and it is VERY rare since 1970 only 100 people have gotten this anyway if there are any doctors here that can dumb this down for me i would really apprecate it because her doctor is being very vage and says not to reasearch it because she doesnt want me to get "freaked out". also ( i hate to do this) i am accepting donations via paypal @ because of all the time i have had to take off of work and Kayon losing her job feeding my daughter and making rent/bills is going to be VERY hard here is a pic of us on our wedding day (things were much better then)

    thanks for everyones love and support through these hard times
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    Oh my God! My heart aches for you. I cannot begin to fathom the agony you are going through. My wife's and my prayers are with you and hope that better news is soon coming.
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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your wife and daughter. I remember your beautiful picture from awhile back. Hoping to hear good news soon!

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    Adding my prayers too. Our thoughts are with you. Keep us posted.
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    Our prayers are with you as well. My God help you be strong for your wife and daughter.
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    my prayers are with you too...stay strong.
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    My prayers will also include you...
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    I trust God will give you the strength to get you through this difficult time.

    You have my prayers and positive energies.
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    May God's hand restore your beautiful wife's health and may God send his peace to your whole family during this difficult time.

    My wife and I will pray for the two of you!
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    you will be in my thoughts guy...and your wife's boss, what were the grounds for him to fire her...thats just so dang wrong
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    Our prayers for your wife and hope for the best for you and your family.
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    I'm sorry, my prayers are with you and your wife.

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    you are in our thoughts and prayers, clownracer. I can't begin to imagine how you're feeling.
    our hearts go out to you and your wife. please keep us posted.
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    Clownracer: I will pray for you and your family right now.

    Have the faith (like the Centurion -Mat 8:5-13) that she will be healed simply because all these people are praying for you.
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    Our prayers will also include you and your family.
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    I will pray for your wife's recovery and for all the support you and your family need during this challenging time...
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    I am posting this from the hospital...first let me thank everyone for there kind thoughts and prayers. kayon is not doing well her liver is shutting down and also her kidneys all she asks is if she is going to be all right....i am finding it really hard to say yes...i don't know what to do other then be by her side as much as possible we should be getting some tests back tommorow so I will keep you guys updated
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    I'm also praying for your wife right now. Hang it there.
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    keeping my fingers crossed!
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    I trust this message finds your wife in better health and you with a spirit of peace that passeth all understanding. We don't know the plans of God but we are all in His Plans and our lives are indeed in His hands.

    My prayers and best wishes are before the Master's throne and seek His favor and grace on your wife and on your behalf.

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