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    what is SETI, I am not familiar with.

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    Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence - SETI never saw the movie "Contact?"
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    I'm going to install it on my 266 Mhz G3 too. It probably won't run nearly as fast as my G4, but the more computers the better. Too bad I can't get my old 512K Mac to run SETI; that would be funny, it would crunch numbers even slower than the Visor (if the Visor could).
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    Can someone tell me how to set up a password for my SETI account? I downloaded the program & created my account. My computer is crunching numbers as I type.... But when I created account, it didn't ask me a password. Since I don't have a password, I can't sign up for the Visor team...
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    Originally posted by Taki
    Since I don't have a password, I can't sign up for the Visor team...

    Click on where it said "If you don't know your password, CLICK HERE" or use this link

    They will generate a password and email it to you.

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    echinye, thanks! I'm in! I thought they didn't send me a password because stupid hotmail put that in "Bulk mail" folder! My computer is a year-old Celeron 433MHz & 64MB RAM...not great but should help some....

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    When y'all go over to the Team Stats page, and click on my handle Don366Mhz, y'all will be directed to this here discussion.

    It'll have to do until I can finish my homepage on Homestead.
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    I'm running an 400MHz pentium II.

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    Does the HVCS website update automatically, or does someone have to do it manually? Just wondering because I have a few more data units that haven't showed up yet. Don't mind me, I'm just being impatient.
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    I think it's updated every few days. More or less definitely once a week.

    Last 10 workunits (when you click Individual on the main page, then click for them on your personal stats), however, seems to have overtaxed their system.

    Saw a pic somewhere on site showing the entire computer system wedged into a smallish closet. It certainly surprised me...
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    I just checked my personal info. I guess it is updated more frequently than the team page because it listed all of my units.

    With only 4 workunits to date I have completed more units than half of the people who have SETI (over a million people). That is pretty sad. I guess people download it and don't use it. Somehow I don't think the next 50% will be as easy to beat
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    My stats:

    Your rank out of 2,380,889 total users is: 70,271st place.

    The total number of users who have this rank: 119

    You have completed more work units than: 97.044% of our users.


    I think most people forget to upload a crunched WU, let alone have the client working in the background. As a screensaver, S@H probably kicks in every 8 minutes or so, then runs for a few minutes; 12 hours of a few minutes takes longer when their system is off overnight.

    Berkeley should axe those who haven't sent a WU back after a month's inactivity.

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    I just checked the page & they've updated our stats!
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    Got Windows? Get Starmap -->

    Doesn't handle the new Version 3 S@H Client and its pulses, but it suffices in cataloging what you're scanning.
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    It took an average of 12 hours to crunch the first 2 sets of data. The third set took more than 39 hours! Any reason why the data takes longer and longer to crunch??

    What is new today will be old tomorrow..
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    I've been noticing speed differences too. My G4 seems to be pretty constant, but the 266 MHz G3 crunches in 11 hours at its best, but sometimes takes up to 20 hours. Nine hours is a pretty big difference.
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    Dunno how the Mac version works, but I surmise it's similar to the win version:
    • * Run it minimized;
      * Don't run CPU-intensive programs simultaneously;
      * Lots of Java and Flash stuff is CPU-intensive, but run the client anyway;
      * No gaussians? then less time crunching; AND
      * Version 3 math is more substantial -->

    Keep reporting the odd hourly values, though.
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    How long does it take for the team page to update ? I have 2 units done and its not showing on the team page.

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    The answer to that is a little further up in this thread. But I'll tell you anyway, cause I'm so nice It seems to update every couple of days, sometimes more frequent than that, sometimes longer. Personally I don't think there is any schedule, it just seems to happen whenever it feels like it.
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    If your notebook/laptop isn't connected when the client needs to send/get a WU, an error message displays, and the Connect Now option under the File menu doesn't work.

    Worked alright in previous incarnations of S@H...

    So... minimize the client, click the System Tray icon, select Exit, right-click the desktop, click the Screen Savers tab, then click Preview (you might have to do this twice before it "takes"), and then it will call out.

    Just make sure you have the modem cable connected first...
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