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    Whoa, this post is a real blast from the past. Hmmm...I've been using Seti@Home by myself for a long time, maybe it's time to join your group and see where I would rank...
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    eventhough i only have one pc runnimg it now, i still sync the stats page via avantgo.
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    Oh, folks, I'm sorry-
    I went in with Handspring on my mind, then discovered that my alma mater is only #75 on the top 200 list of universities, so I joined Team Carnegie Mellon instead. Add my two 1GB processors to the effort. And maybe that 800 MHz Gateway I had kicking around... where'd it go?

    Good luck, though!

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    Does anyone know how I can palm-off (sorry about that) the Handspring Visor Crunchers Society to someone else, other than to disband the group and then someone else start it anew?

    Am about to form a group for users of this fine bit of machinery:

    Pretty great for $1500 or so.


    I disbanded that 2430 group and, and... am posting SETI stats to
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