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    I have a copy of Lotus Notes from work to install on my home computer so that I can work at home as well. I know the setup on how to set it up for my work e-mail. what I am curious to find out is how to set it up to receive my home e-mail from a pop3 account. It always says "Unable to find path to server" although I thought I typed it correctly. I am hoping to use just Lotus Notes for e-mail so that I might be able to possibly sync my visor at home as well as work.
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    don't know if you can setup notes for POP3, never tried it... I allways assumed it needed a notes dominoserver since notes can do so much more than e-mail....

    I setup my machine with notes and RAS into the office network. that way it's on the network and can connect to the domino server.

    You'll also need a conduit to sync with notes (like easysync..)
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