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    Does any one here know of any websites like Visor Central that focus on the Compaq Ipaq?

    Because it hasn`t been released here in Japan I haven`t had a chance to look at it in person.

    I was hoping to get some honest opinions from a discussion board like VC`s. But I haven`t been able to find any sites other then the Cnet review and the Compaq official site.

    I would appreciate if anyone could pass on any links that they may have.


    Mr. Fridge

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    ...Dude! you have a set on you for posting this at Visor related web site!

    Try some PDA neutral sites like and

    Or go to informational sites like and (comparable to Palmgear)

    No offense, but next time be sure to post in the Off Topic area. Just out of respect for VC staff.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you.

    NO offense meant. I just wanted to get some links so I could look at the IPAQ.

    I am at an unfortuanate disadvantage because everything is either delayed in coming to Japan or doesn`t come at all.

    This of course does not apply to the CLIE which is out in both the color and mono versions.

    I am a Visor owner and have found the VC Board very helpful and most of its membering honest in their opinions. (including Foo Fighters posts about the Poctet PC.)

    Thanks again.

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    Actually I've been considering the iPaq Pocket PC as an alternative to the Visor Prism (when it eventually shows). Both cost $499 and the iPaq definitely has a LOT MORE FEATURES right out of the box. I really the Pocket versions of the Excel, Outlook and Word. If one disregarded the amount of Palm software out there, the iPaq would be the winner. Fortunately, one cannot discount the volume of Palm shareware available so it looks like the Visor Prism will be the winner. What will I do with my Visor Deluxe that I just got a replacement for this month?...

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