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    Fathers Day is Sunday June 19 this year. In an effort to avoid having fathers get the usual stuff they don't want , post some good ideas for gifts for dads .

    This father of two boys humbly suggests a movie that I just recently caught on DVD - "The Life Aquatic". I wish I had seen this quirky beautiful movie in a theatre. It explores the complex emotions of fatherhood as one of its main themes.

    Any other good ideas for Dads?
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    Buy him a new fly rod with his American Express card
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    Viagra is always a good gift for dear ol' Dad.
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    my brother and i are buying dad a pair of tix to the rolling stones concert in august.
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    cgrrl: spoken like a college student
    6-oh: isn't that more of a gift for mom?
    bugz: you ROCK!!!
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    Brookstone has some really cool electronic BBQ tools (kinda like a Treo....for your grill!!!!)

    I have been leaving hints around the house for them to get them for me!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treosixoo
    Viagra is always a good gift for dear ol' Dad.
    I dont know if a daughter should her father viagra...I like being an only child
    Well behaved women rarely make history

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