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    It seems rediculous to me that threads on a certain topic (which I won't mention, "for the obvious reasons") get locked no matter what their actual angle is.

    "It's illegal," you say. "End of discussion."

    Well,'s not. I can have a lengthy discussion about, say, shoplifting. There's plenty to discuss there, and yet, shoplifting is illegal. If I claim I bought a Visor and a Visor DX, swapped the innards, and returned the DX -- getting 8mb for the price of 2 -- I can only imagine the flames I'd have to fend off. But would you lock the thread? After all, it's illegal, right? End of discussion.

    Just because something is illegal doesn't mean that there can't be legitimate discussion of it. By all means, delete any links to offending websites, and snip out any kind of specific instructions given by posters. But I see no reason to lock threads as long as there is legitimate discussion taking place.

    As for your concerns about advertisers -- that's why you delete the links. Let us discuss the issues, and you'll be providing that much more user satisfaction, and when your potential advertisers look at the board and see that you're deleting the illegal stuff, I'm sure they'll be pleased.
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    Its simple. It is Peracto's site (the parent company) and they can allow what discussions they want on the system. If you do not like this, find another place that will host your discussion. Beyond this, I believe James discussed some of the implications that having such a thread on this site would have. Apparently you read that post since you bring up the advertisers. Its not only the advertisers, but most likely, companies providing new software & hardware for VisorCentral to review would stop, VisorCentral would loose their credibility and ability to go to various tradeshows and get the scoop on the latest happenings, etc.

    I am interested in knowing exactly what there is to discuss on this topic, especially for these apparently outstanding VisorCentral members that do not participate in this type of activity.

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    As I pointed out our stance in this topic:

    The reason we close any discussion on warez is that it would be suicide if we allowed them to happen. Do you think software developers would send us applications for review if there were cracks for their products listed here? Do you think they would advertise on VC? I don't know all of the legal ramifications of linking to warez, but in the wake of recent court decisions, I would hate to see VisorCentral shut down because of a few links to software cracks.
    There is nothing to discuss about warez.

    James Hromadka, TreoCentral Editor
    Houston - EST. 1836

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