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    Here is an alternative to Minijam. is offering a RIO 500 with 64mb memory, expandable to 128mb, for $99.00. It does cost 9.95 a month for a subscription to, but they have an incredible selection and for 14.95 a month, you can upgrade to all the daily/weekly programs including NPR.


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    Looked into that deal with audible. I emailed customer support there because I wanted to know if I could enroll as a lite-listener by crediting the $9.95 towards NPR programs. Unfortunately, they said no (maybe they misunderstood my intentions.)

    Anyway, I ended up buying the Diamond Rio 500 for $160. Best Buy has it listed for $199, plus there is a $30 off $150 purchse gift certificate--for new customers--you can find at (look down the right column). Right now, there is also a manufacturer's rebate on the player, so the total price should come down to $110.

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